Sunday, July 10, 2011

Training schedule - Phase 1

I'm taking the approach that the first part/phase of my training regime requires me to just get physically fit. That looks like losing a good amount of weight......I've spent too many years just watching the Ironman on TV.

So, my exercise choices include cycling, hot yoga (LOVE IT!!), and now starting some jogging. I also spend two nights a week with a personal trainer focusing on weight training. Here's how my week looks:

Monday - morning ride 2 neighborhood loops (1 loop = 8 miles) in under 1 hour.
Tuesday - Morning ride 2 neighborhood loops. Evening is an hour at gym - 1/2 hour cardio; 1/2 hour with the Trainer.
Wednesday - Hot yoga.
Thursday - Morning ride 2 neighborhood loops.
Friday - Jog the canal for at least 30 minutes; or hot yoga.
Saturday - Long ride somewhere........
Sunday - no rest for the wicked! More jogging the canal.

Running isn't my most favorite thing but knowing that what we think we become - I'm the BEST damn runner evah!!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha!


  1. I'm a reader from Minnesota and a long distance friend of Kim's. What's the canal that you will be jogging?

  2. Hey Laurie!

    There's an irrigation canal close to my neighborhood that is a little over one mile for one city block. So, if i run it twice - up and back - that's 2 miles. Kate and I did a 1 and 1 cycle this morning in about 32 minutes. one minute walking, one minute jogging.

    I'm an uber-beginner runner.

  3. Annette - Your training schedule is CRAZY! We are going to have to work to keep up with you. Go Annette!