Monday, July 11, 2011

About Annette

1. Age: 46 - I know...hard to believe, huh?!

2. Children: 3 children, 13 and two 5 year olds. Not twins, just adopted at different times.

3. Height: 5'3"

4. Weight: Like Kate, enough to compete as an Athena.

5. Athletic background: High School teams - softball and swim/dive team. GO MUSTANGS!! I've dabbled with other sports, but never to the level of competitiveness. Like, fencing, and Tae Kwon Do (best dang white belt ever!).

6. Why Ironman: "What you resist, persists." The Ironman has been calling me for many many years, so now it's time to give in and just go. I want my kids to see that once you set a goal, it take hard work and dedication to get there, and that it is always possible to make time.

7. Weakest leg of the triathlon: No doubt, running. I will get there though.

8. Toughest Challenge: Keeping on track with my training plans. Weight loss - including family in the healthy eating plans. One of my girls likes to act like she's allergic to anything green. The best thing I've incorporated was Shakeology as my breakfast meal. "The healthiest meal of the day!"

9. What have you enjoyed MOST about training?: Seeing improvements everyday in my physical abilities and just feeling good. The other thing is to just spend grown-up time!

10. What have you enjoyed the LEAST about training?: That I have to build up my fitness in order to even get to the point of beginning serious training. Just a wee bit impatient. : )

11. What is your Ironman goal?: Ultimately, cross the finish line on Ali'i Drive in Kona, HI. But for Arizona Ironman - to finish AND qualify for Kona!

12. Bike: Giant Avail 2011. She's my "Little Giant." Kate likes to tell Ron, "It's so cute, you could put it in your pocket." The other quirk is that because I have a long torso, my frame is a size small, but my stand over height should be an extra-small. What that means is without my bike shoes, I have NO stand over height.

13. How do you know the other Ironmoms?: I know Kate from her husband, and sister-in-law, and her position at ASU law school. I went to law school in Iowa (GO HAWKEYES!), but have become an adopted Sundevil. Kim and Kristin I've met through this experience, and am really looking forward to all our training days together!


  1. NICE! If you go to Kona, you know I want to go with you! Let's do this!

  2. Go Mustangs? Did you go to Monument Valley?!

  3. No, not Monument Valley. West Mesa Mustangs - westside Albuquerque.

  4. Your first name is my middle name but you may need a nickname so you can all be K's for Kona!