Thursday, July 21, 2011

Training on the Go

I have been traveling for the past couple of weeks, so that has given me the chance to train in new and different places and ways. I was in Boulder, Colorado for a couple of days last week. My friend, Carrie, and I spend the early mornings hiking on mountain trails. The elevation and the climb made for a great cardio workout!!

I've been in Minnesota for the past week. I had been looking forward to running in the cooler weather, but mother nature had a different plan in mind. The temperature has been in the high 90's with high humidity for the past 5 days. According to the National Weather Service, the heat index has gotten as high as 122 degrees!! That means it feels hotter here than in Arizona!! Before the heat started to get too bad, I had the chance to do a mini-tri in Le Roy, MN (on the Iowa border). I wasn't racing with my own bike (or swim goggles--since I forgot them in my suitcase), so I wasn't really looking for a record time. It was a good way to get out and be active.

For the past few days, I have been visiting my old gym in Rochester (it's actually a great health club--gym doesn't really do it justice). I did my favorite "ultra" circuit. There's an express circuit set up at the club that alternatives cardio machines and weight machines--you do each machine for one minute. On the first half, I add a fast lap around the indoor track after each cardio machine and after every other weight machine, I add one minute of ab work. On the second half of the circuit, I add two fast laps and keep the abs. It's a great full body workout that takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Today, I took the Hatha yoga class. It was great. I really haven't found a yoga studio in Phoenix that I like as much as the yoga classes back at the club. I prefer Hatha because it really gets me to focus on my breath and my body. The club we joined in Phoenix doesn't offer a true Hatha class--mostly mixed intensity classes. I really should (and could) practice Hatha at home, but there's something about going to a class that allows me to focus on the yoga rather than being distracted by the 100 other things I have to get done at home/work.

Tomorrow, I plan on hitting up the Zumba and Power classes at the Club. I haven't found a strength training class that is quite as fun as Power. It is a full body strength training class that is set to music (rather than other strength training classes I've attended where the music is just playing without purpose). It's great to have a chance to revisit some of my favorite workouts! Saturday, I plan on having another go at the Warrior Dash--this time in Minnesota. We'll see if the weather holds out. I hear there's a strong possibility of thunderstorms. :(


  1. One thing is for sure about your can't possibly be bored with all the various locations you visit and work out in! You're right...thunderstorms and high heat index again predicted for Saturday. Good luck on your Dash!

  2. I'm so proud of you. It is hard to work out while you are on the go but you made it happen!