Friday, July 15, 2011

Challenging week

The week started out with sniffles that grew into a full-blown sinus cold that I'm still getting over. Ended up coming home from work early on Monday. Little Giant had a flat - courtesy of all the stuff on the Beeline Highway, I'm sure. So, that meant I had to learn to change a tube which I needed to do anyway.

Thank goodness for You Tube! I found several really good tutorials, but the best I found was by Canada Bike. Very detailed with step-by-step directions. I also learned that the nifty little hand pump I was sold can't be used on the valves on my tubes....not cool.

Today I bought my own floor pump with a pressure gauge, and the CO2 kit.

Still not feeling 100% and I feel as though the cold is moving into my chest. : \

Worked out Thursday morning with a quick ride, then with my trainer in the evening. This morning Kate and I went to hot yoga. My whole hip/pelvis muscles are sore.

The plan for tomorrow is Usery Pass.

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