Monday, July 18, 2011

Flexible training schedule

Seems that once I put a plan in place, stuff comes up that means making changes to the plan. So, I've always approached things pretty laid-back and take things in stride. When opportunity arises I try and jump on it and take advantage. Plus, I just kind of listen to what my body wants, and go with that. If there's only one lesson I learned from Oprah (and there has been more than one), its to follow my intuition, or "listen to the whisper" the first time before it has to knock you upside the head.

The training schedule gets changed up depending on lots of stuff - what I have scheduled at work, the weather, but mainly how I'm feeling. The choices of activity stays the same - cycling, hot yoga, and now jogging - the days change up. The constant is "gym night" with the trainer. So the training days I planned earlier has already changed here and there.

This last ride at Usery Pass was great! I felt so much more confident and stronger. I'm looking forward to improving on time and strength.

Hot yoga this morning was also great! I'm really liking all the improvements in my fitness and physique. I've been able to constantly do shoulder stands for the last four time to tackle the wheel.

One of my best tools is the Livestrong app on my iphone. It helps to keep track of my food intake, and fitness activities. Plus there's a great sliding scale that shows how far along you are in eating your caloric allocation. I like how I can move that scale down by doing some exercise. The long rides have made it possible to start the day with a 184% calorie deficit. : ) I still need to be mindful of quality and quantity of food intake though. My ideal weight means losing almost 90 pounds! For me, I'd be happy with 50. Still a lot, but since last Valentine's Day (2010) I've already dropped more than 40, so what's 50 more?!


  1. Good for you on the weight already lost. I'm a big gal so I know it's tough to lose. Unfortunately, I've never been as successful as you. With the goal you have and so much activity to achieve it I see bright lights on your horizon. Stick with it!

  2. Thanks Laurie! I'm changing my language when it comes to weight so it's more in line with my intention. I'm getting away from speaking about "losing" weight because when a person loses something, there's an implication that it needs to be found. I'd rather not find what I worked so hard to "release."

  3. Good plan. I cross-stitched something once that said "I keep trying to lose weight but it keeps finding me". And it's the truth. I like your philosophy!