Thursday, July 14, 2011

Championship Swim Meet

I'm a proud mom today.  My kids are competing in the Town of Gilbert's Championship swim meet this evening.  My 8 year old daughter is swimming the backstroke, 50m freestyle, and IM.  My 5 year old son is swimming the backstroke and the 50 freestyle.  I think I am so proud because it is my weakest sport.  I know how hard it is to glide through that water!  I swim like a slow moving barge and they are like little rockets!  Each of the kids already know all four strokes and do them pretty well.  So tonight I will be the proud momma sitting pool side happily in 111 degree weather.

UPDATE: Here are the kids with their ribbons. Cody got 15th in backstroke and 11th in the 50 freestyle.  Ty got 16th in backstroke, 12 in the 50 freestyle, and 11th in the IM.  I am SO proud!

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