Friday, July 29, 2011

Training Hiccup

I've had a little trouble getting my training in this week. First, it is the first week the girls have been back since spending the majority of the summer with their grandparents in Minnesota. Second, we picked up a cold in MN and it's been making its way through the family (I am currently past the extremely sore throat stage and stuck on the obnoxious cough and chest congestion stage). Third, as I was rushing in to my office on Wednesday afternoon, I slipped on a mysterious puddle outside the law school door (mysterious mainly because things dry up so fast here and there was no rain or sprinklers in that area) and fell on my knee and bottom--resulting in a sore and bruised knee.

Despite the sore knee, I did go home that night and try out my new tri bike for a few miles. It's going to take a little getting used to. The new clips are a little more slick on the bottom of the shoes, so if I miss the hook, my foot goes flying forward and I nearly fly off the bike as well. Also, I am not used to the design of the handles, so I felt a little bit anxious when I was steering around corners. I can already tell that it's faster though! It's going to be a fun bike.

I am hoping to get an extra workout in this weekend to make up for some of the misses. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Tri Bike!

I hadn't really planned on purchasing a new bike today, but after a quick trip to Bicycles of Scottsdale this morning, I found myself carting home a new Quintana Roo Dulce Tri Bike! I had been looking at tri bikes with a bit of curiosity for the past couple of weeks. I've learned that some of the big difference between the tri bike and the road bike are the post angle (tri bike's angle is designed to help save your legs from fatigue, but still be fast and efficient), handlebar positioning, and fewer spokes in the wheels (to reduce drag).

I found a used 2010 QR Chicquilo on eBay, for what looked like a pretty good price. It would have to be shipped from D.C., so I was worried about ordering it and then finding it didn't fit me quite right or that it wouldn't be in as great of condition as advertised. So, I decided to visit one of the only bike shops in the area that sells QR bikes to check out the fit. When I got to Bicycles of Scottsdale, I saw that they had a brand new 2011 QR Chicquilo for less than the used bike on eBay. They also had the Dulce (a step up because of the higher quality wheels and carbon body over aluminum) for just a little more than the used eBay bike. Apparently, the shop is under new ownership (or as it appears, back under the original ownership) and is remodeling and clearing out some of the current year model bikes for prices at or below cost!

Since I had been looking at tri bikes online for a couple of weeks, I felt confident the bike was a good deal. The owner and other shop worker were great! They answered all my questions and took their time helping me out. The owner also made sure I had all the equipment I needed, but wasn't pushy at all about buying things. He frequently said, "you don't necessarily need to buy this today, but you may find that down the road..." which I really appreciated. I ended up buying some new bike shoes and clips as well, so I will be trying out all my new equipment and will report to everyone how it all goes soon!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kate's Tuesday Weigh-in = Down .5 lbs

3 days of Hot Yoga plus
a 3:40:00 bike hilly bike ride = .5 pounds lost. 

I have to admit I'm pretty bummed.  I thought I did a good job eating this week.  At this rate I'm going to have a hard time meeting my goal before "serious" Ironman training begins.  I really need to figure out my diet issues.  Sure, I know, 2.5 pounds in 2 weeks is good.  I should be happy.  BUT, I want to weight to fall off as quickly as possible.  I know I can do better. 

I have a mini beach vacation this weekend.  When I get back I'm going to figure this out.  The trick will be not gaining weight while I'm on vacation.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I love HOT YOGA!

Yes, I love hot yoga.  I'm not good at it but it feels good to stretch it out.  I feel myself getting stronger.  Unfortunately, I feel like the picture below though when I'm doing it! 

Our Weekend Ride

I thought I'd share some photos from our weekend ride.  I love riding in the desert.  It is beautiful. I don't think I truly appreciated the beauty of the desert until I started riding my bike out there.  I love it! 

Unfortunately, it was a rough ride.  We knew it would be a harder ride than usual because we were gong to tackle two loops of a climbing ride.  What we didn't anticipate was Annette's accident.  She crashed twice because of a dropped chain and messed up her gearing.  Luckily she wasn't hurt worse.  She was just banged up and bruised. 

Later in the ride I got a flat.  We were almost done with the ride when it happened.  That meant it was getting HOT out!  Luckily, my honey Ron was there to save the day.  He is such a trooper. 

The next couple of weeks I'll be out of commission due to vacation and a program at work.  I'm bummed b/c I love our rides! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warrior Dashed!

I completed my second Warrior Dash yesterday. I completed the AZ dash in April and decided to join some friends to do it again in MN. The course was ALL hills. It was a much more difficult run than the AZ course. The obstacles were very similar. I think my strength training is starting to payoff. It was much easier climbing over the obstacles this time. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Movement on the Weightloss Meter!

Guess what?!  Lost some weight this week!!  I'm down two pounds!  I'll take it.  I know my weight loss is going to come down to my diet.  I really tried to watch it and I did a better job of eating breakfast.  I usually skip breakfast but I know it isn't good for me to do.  This is going to be a battle but at least it is going the right direction.  Now I need to make sure I don't blow it over the weekend.

Training on the Go

I have been traveling for the past couple of weeks, so that has given me the chance to train in new and different places and ways. I was in Boulder, Colorado for a couple of days last week. My friend, Carrie, and I spend the early mornings hiking on mountain trails. The elevation and the climb made for a great cardio workout!!

I've been in Minnesota for the past week. I had been looking forward to running in the cooler weather, but mother nature had a different plan in mind. The temperature has been in the high 90's with high humidity for the past 5 days. According to the National Weather Service, the heat index has gotten as high as 122 degrees!! That means it feels hotter here than in Arizona!! Before the heat started to get too bad, I had the chance to do a mini-tri in Le Roy, MN (on the Iowa border). I wasn't racing with my own bike (or swim goggles--since I forgot them in my suitcase), so I wasn't really looking for a record time. It was a good way to get out and be active.

For the past few days, I have been visiting my old gym in Rochester (it's actually a great health club--gym doesn't really do it justice). I did my favorite "ultra" circuit. There's an express circuit set up at the club that alternatives cardio machines and weight machines--you do each machine for one minute. On the first half, I add a fast lap around the indoor track after each cardio machine and after every other weight machine, I add one minute of ab work. On the second half of the circuit, I add two fast laps and keep the abs. It's a great full body workout that takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Today, I took the Hatha yoga class. It was great. I really haven't found a yoga studio in Phoenix that I like as much as the yoga classes back at the club. I prefer Hatha because it really gets me to focus on my breath and my body. The club we joined in Phoenix doesn't offer a true Hatha class--mostly mixed intensity classes. I really should (and could) practice Hatha at home, but there's something about going to a class that allows me to focus on the yoga rather than being distracted by the 100 other things I have to get done at home/work.

Tomorrow, I plan on hitting up the Zumba and Power classes at the Club. I haven't found a strength training class that is quite as fun as Power. It is a full body strength training class that is set to music (rather than other strength training classes I've attended where the music is just playing without purpose). It's great to have a chance to revisit some of my favorite workouts! Saturday, I plan on having another go at the Warrior Dash--this time in Minnesota. We'll see if the weather holds out. I hear there's a strong possibility of thunderstorms. :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

Flexible training schedule

Seems that once I put a plan in place, stuff comes up that means making changes to the plan. So, I've always approached things pretty laid-back and take things in stride. When opportunity arises I try and jump on it and take advantage. Plus, I just kind of listen to what my body wants, and go with that. If there's only one lesson I learned from Oprah (and there has been more than one), its to follow my intuition, or "listen to the whisper" the first time before it has to knock you upside the head.

The training schedule gets changed up depending on lots of stuff - what I have scheduled at work, the weather, but mainly how I'm feeling. The choices of activity stays the same - cycling, hot yoga, and now jogging - the days change up. The constant is "gym night" with the trainer. So the training days I planned earlier has already changed here and there.

This last ride at Usery Pass was great! I felt so much more confident and stronger. I'm looking forward to improving on time and strength.

Hot yoga this morning was also great! I'm really liking all the improvements in my fitness and physique. I've been able to constantly do shoulder stands for the last four time to tackle the wheel.

One of my best tools is the Livestrong app on my iphone. It helps to keep track of my food intake, and fitness activities. Plus there's a great sliding scale that shows how far along you are in eating your caloric allocation. I like how I can move that scale down by doing some exercise. The long rides have made it possible to start the day with a 184% calorie deficit. : ) I still need to be mindful of quality and quantity of food intake though. My ideal weight means losing almost 90 pounds! For me, I'd be happy with 50. Still a lot, but since last Valentine's Day (2010) I've already dropped more than 40, so what's 50 more?!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Usery Loop + Ride

Today half of Team Ironmom was out of town this weekend.  Annette, my husband Ron, and I went on a nice ride of Usery pass.  It was about 28 miles of rolling hills plus a 4 mile climb.  Awesome!  I've included some photos to show you the ride.

Friday, July 15, 2011

"K" nickname

I'm the oddball without a "K" name. So there's been a suggestion I have a "K" nickname to be like Kate, Kim, and Kristen.

The first one that come to mind has something like Kickass ____. Ha! Ha! My next thought is that I've never really strived to fit in, so I'll just stick with being the oddball.

What do y'all think? To nickname, or not to nickname?

Challenging week

The week started out with sniffles that grew into a full-blown sinus cold that I'm still getting over. Ended up coming home from work early on Monday. Little Giant had a flat - courtesy of all the stuff on the Beeline Highway, I'm sure. So, that meant I had to learn to change a tube which I needed to do anyway.

Thank goodness for You Tube! I found several really good tutorials, but the best I found was by Canada Bike. Very detailed with step-by-step directions. I also learned that the nifty little hand pump I was sold can't be used on the valves on my tubes....not cool.

Today I bought my own floor pump with a pressure gauge, and the CO2 kit.

Still not feeling 100% and I feel as though the cold is moving into my chest. : \

Worked out Thursday morning with a quick ride, then with my trainer in the evening. This morning Kate and I went to hot yoga. My whole hip/pelvis muscles are sore.

The plan for tomorrow is Usery Pass.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Championship Swim Meet

I'm a proud mom today.  My kids are competing in the Town of Gilbert's Championship swim meet this evening.  My 8 year old daughter is swimming the backstroke, 50m freestyle, and IM.  My 5 year old son is swimming the backstroke and the 50 freestyle.  I think I am so proud because it is my weakest sport.  I know how hard it is to glide through that water!  I swim like a slow moving barge and they are like little rockets!  Each of the kids already know all four strokes and do them pretty well.  So tonight I will be the proud momma sitting pool side happily in 111 degree weather.

UPDATE: Here are the kids with their ribbons. Cody got 15th in backstroke and 11th in the 50 freestyle.  Ty got 16th in backstroke, 12 in the 50 freestyle, and 11th in the IM.  I am SO proud!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

About Kristin

1. Age:30

2. Children: 2 - Gwen (7) and Drake (5 on Sunday)

3. Height: 5'3". Did you notice we are all 5'3" but Kate who towers us?

4. Weight: I'm not too worried about, I just want to tone it up!

5. Athletic background: I did the city's swimming programs all through my adolescent years. Also In high school, I did track, and a semester of cross country. Cheered all through junior high and high school.

6. Why Ironman?: I don't know... why are we doing this?!?! No, because I can. Right??

7. Weakest leg of tri?: It used to be biking, but since then, I have biked a lot more and swam a lot less. So I believe it is now the swim.

8. Toughest challenge: Getting out of bed to get my workouts in. If I don't do them before the kids get up, they don't happen.

9. What do I enjoy most about training? Sweating it out! The workouts have become my sanity. I may dread them sometimes (or often) but I'm always SO glad I did them!

10. What do I enjoy least about training? Worrying about injuries. I've had a few stress fractures and a sprained ankle, and currently have a sprained toe that has been bugging me since October! Also I recently found out that I'm anemic, and if I'm not taking my iron, I definitely feel it.

11. Ironman Goal: To finish! Under 16:00 is what I'm shooting for.

12. Bike: 2011 Scott CR1 Elite. 49" (xs frame). It's my baby, I love it!

13. How do I know the other Ironmoms?: I met Kate over a year ago when I was applying to ASU. She's one of the most sincere people I know, I'm so lucky to call her a friend! Kim was my legal writing professor, so I've known her for almost a year now. (I've got to be honest, I was a little intimidated by this. Despite the great professor she was, that class was my LOWEST grade that semester. I was worried she'd think I was a total idiot. Don't worry, I re-read that paper, I see the many errors!) Annette I just met, and I'm already impressed with her drive! I'm hoping she'll share some of that with me. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About Kim

1. Age: 32

2. Children: 2 beautiful girls ages 4 and 6

3. Height: 5'3"

4. Weight: Over!

5. Athletic background: In high school, I ran cross country, did some track, gymnastics, and cheerleading. And, I love tap dancing!

6. Why Ironman?: Because I think I can! If I can make it through 140.6, what can't I do?

7. Weakest leg of tri?: Biking--I'm so slow and I don't push myself--it's easy to rest on a bike (as opposed to when swimming or running).

8. Toughest challenge: Get in the long rides and runs--it takes a lot of time and a lot of support!

9. What do I enjoy most about training? The variety--I love to mix it up--hiking, rumba, strength training, and all the tri sports!

10. What do I enjoy least about training? That I am always hungry, which makes my goal below more difficult!

11. Ironman Goal: Lose weight and cross the finish line.

12. Bike: A purple Specialized--very girly, I know.

13. How do I know the other Ironmoms?: I met the lovely Kate when I came to work at ASU--Whenver I mentioned that I did triathlons, people would tell me about this crazy person who was training for the Ironman and I knew I had to meet her! I had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic Kristin in my first semester of teaching at ASU--she was a reliable smiling face in the crowd. :) I was introduced to the fabulous Annette through Kate and I have enjoyed racing with her at some smaller triathlons in the Phoenix area.

Kate's Weight Struggle and the Weight Loss Meter

I originally started all this crazy triathlon training b/c I was at my heaviest weight in my adult life and I felt gross.  I hurt my back, could hardly walk, and had to take pain meds.  This was the point where I knew I needed to do something about my weight.  In the past couple years I've lost about 20 pounds thanks to my increased activity level.  Unfortunately, when I don't exercise the weight creeps right back.  I've put back on 10 of those pounds since the Ironman race in November.  I don't like it.

I know I do plenty of exercise.  The key this time around has to be my diet.  I'm 40 years old.  If I don't do it now, I know it will be VERY hard to do it later.  It is time to learn will power and start looking at my intake more closely.  I WILL DO THIS!

So, I got on the scale this morning to start my "Official" weight loss drive.  I was shocked to see I was two pounds heavier than I thought.  BOO!  I wonder what my weight would be if I didn't exercise at all?! 

I need to lose 25 pounds. (I could lose more but I"ll start with 25.)  The 25 pounds is not just for the Ironman but for my overall health goal.  The weight loss will put me at a weight where I've felt the most fit.  It is not my skinniest weight ever but I think it is a nice goal.

To make myself accountable, I'm going to track my weekly progress on the blog.  On the left hand side of the screen I posted the "Weight Loss Meter" so I can see my progress.  My weekly weigh-in day will be every Tuesday.  Hopefully the other moms will join me. 

Wish me luck!!  Signed, Kate aka  "Big Mama"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Biggest Surprise

I've always known that I can be a strong swimmer, but I think the nicest surprise I've discovered is that I'm a pretty decent cyclist as well. I've enjoyed the climbing challenges - even when I'm only going 4 mph...I just keep spinning, knowing that I'll eventually get to the top.

Going downhill, however, can be harrowing. I've never really been much for going downhill REALLY fast....I don't ski either. I do practice my NASCAR steering techniques though!

About Annette

1. Age: 46 - I know...hard to believe, huh?!

2. Children: 3 children, 13 and two 5 year olds. Not twins, just adopted at different times.

3. Height: 5'3"

4. Weight: Like Kate, enough to compete as an Athena.

5. Athletic background: High School teams - softball and swim/dive team. GO MUSTANGS!! I've dabbled with other sports, but never to the level of competitiveness. Like, fencing, and Tae Kwon Do (best dang white belt ever!).

6. Why Ironman: "What you resist, persists." The Ironman has been calling me for many many years, so now it's time to give in and just go. I want my kids to see that once you set a goal, it take hard work and dedication to get there, and that it is always possible to make time.

7. Weakest leg of the triathlon: No doubt, running. I will get there though.

8. Toughest Challenge: Keeping on track with my training plans. Weight loss - including family in the healthy eating plans. One of my girls likes to act like she's allergic to anything green. The best thing I've incorporated was Shakeology as my breakfast meal. "The healthiest meal of the day!"

9. What have you enjoyed MOST about training?: Seeing improvements everyday in my physical abilities and just feeling good. The other thing is to just spend grown-up time!

10. What have you enjoyed the LEAST about training?: That I have to build up my fitness in order to even get to the point of beginning serious training. Just a wee bit impatient. : )

11. What is your Ironman goal?: Ultimately, cross the finish line on Ali'i Drive in Kona, HI. But for Arizona Ironman - to finish AND qualify for Kona!

12. Bike: Giant Avail 2011. She's my "Little Giant." Kate likes to tell Ron, "It's so cute, you could put it in your pocket." The other quirk is that because I have a long torso, my frame is a size small, but my stand over height should be an extra-small. What that means is without my bike shoes, I have NO stand over height.

13. How do you know the other Ironmoms?: I know Kate from her husband, and sister-in-law, and her position at ASU law school. I went to law school in Iowa (GO HAWKEYES!), but have become an adopted Sundevil. Kim and Kristin I've met through this experience, and am really looking forward to all our training days together!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

About Kate

  1. Age: 40
  2. Children: Two children ages 8 and almost 6
  3. Height: 5'11
  4. Weight: Big enough to compete in the "Athena" division for races but not big enough to be a "Clydesdale" (look that up!)
  5. Athletic background: I'm a former Division 3 college basketball player. I have run several half marathons and one full marathon. I've also done several sprint triathlons, two Olympic triathlons, one half Ironman, and one full Ironman.  It sounds impressive but I usually finish the races in the Back of the Pack.  I’m a competitive gal so I really want to improve.   
  6. Why the Ironman: Why not? I love setting goals for myself. I really want to get fit and healthy for my family. I figure by doing the races I WILL HAVE TO exercise and eat better.  In 2010, I did the Arizona Ironman and finished with only 16 minutes to spare.  I was too heavy, didn't train properly and didn't have the proper equipment.  I want to do it better this time.   I know I can do it better!  Plus, it is the IRONMAN!  Not many people can say they have tackled something so big.
  7. Weakest leg of the triathlon: I am weak in all three sports but I am the worst at the swim. I started adult swim lessons in January 2008. When I started I could only doggie paddle. I can swim now but I am EXTREMELY slow. 
  8. Toughest Challenge: My toughest challenge will be to lose weight.  I know if I lose weight so I can gain some speed. I want to lose about 20-25 pounds by race day. 
  9. What have you enjoyed MOST so far about training: Taking long bike rides with my husband Ron. It is like "date night" on wheels!
  10. What have you enjoyed the LEAST about training: Having my body not able to go as fast as I want it too!
  11. What is your Ironman goal: I want 42 year old Kate to beat 40 year old Kate.  In other words, I want to beat my 1st Ironman time.  In an ideal world, I would beat this time by a large margin. 
  12. Bike:  Specialized Tarmac SL3 Expert Double.  (LOVE IT!)  Haven't named it yet but will soon. 
  13. How do you know the other IronMoms:  Kim and I work together at ASU.  Go Devils!  Annette and I have know each other for quite a while now through the Indian law field.  She has worked with both my husband and sister in law.  I know Kristin because she is a fantastic student at ASU.

Training schedule - Phase 1

I'm taking the approach that the first part/phase of my training regime requires me to just get physically fit. That looks like losing a good amount of weight......I've spent too many years just watching the Ironman on TV.

So, my exercise choices include cycling, hot yoga (LOVE IT!!), and now starting some jogging. I also spend two nights a week with a personal trainer focusing on weight training. Here's how my week looks:

Monday - morning ride 2 neighborhood loops (1 loop = 8 miles) in under 1 hour.
Tuesday - Morning ride 2 neighborhood loops. Evening is an hour at gym - 1/2 hour cardio; 1/2 hour with the Trainer.
Wednesday - Hot yoga.
Thursday - Morning ride 2 neighborhood loops.
Friday - Jog the canal for at least 30 minutes; or hot yoga.
Saturday - Long ride somewhere........
Sunday - no rest for the wicked! More jogging the canal.

Running isn't my most favorite thing but knowing that what we think we become - I'm the BEST damn runner evah!!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha!

Our Ironman Loop bike ride

Pictures during the ride. 
 Kristin is up front setting the pace followed by Annette and Kim. 
Kristin, Kim and Kate posing after our 37.4 miles!
Annette and I being CHEESIE!

I had a great ride with Annette, Kim, and Kristin. All the gals did great and I think we will be very good training partners. It is so nice to have training buddies!  We have a long way to go but I'm confident we can ALL Rock the Ironman!

Excited and a little frightened!

I am excited to join these fantastic ladies on this incredible adventure. I have wanted to complete an Ironman for years. For a long time, I didn't think someone like me (not an "athlete") could do it. Having met Kate and a few other Ironman survivors, I am motivated and inspired to do the same (and a bit in awe). It is great to have a support system to get through the training and to stay on track!

Friday, July 8, 2011

First Ironman Loop

Tomorrow morning I'm picking up Annette and we are meeting our friend Kim and possibly Kristin (both Ironmoms in training) and we are going to bike an Ironman Loop on the actual Arizona Ironman course.  One Ironman loop is a little over 37 miles.  In the Arizona Ironman race you have to ride 3 loops totalling 112 miles.  I'm excited to do this ride with them.  It will make our goal more real.  The closer we get to the race the more and more we will be doing this ride.  At least they will know what to expect.  I'll try to post some pictures so you can see us in action.     

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Nice Reminder

A friend posted this on Facebook.  I love this.  Sometimes I get bogged down in my race times and results.  I need to remember that at I AM moving and trying and that is more than most people.    

Kate's Race Schedule

I've had two weeks off and have had some time on my hands so I've been planning my races.  (I should be training but I'm just planning)  I've come up with a schedule that I think will be pretty solid. 

I need to keep races on the calendar.  If I don't schedule anything I found I don't train as much or as hard.  A big part of this Ironman goal is to lose as much weight as possible before the real hard core Ironman training begins.  I think if I lost about 20 pounds I would feel so much better and be able to move a little easier.  I would REALLY like to lose 25 to 30 pounds but I will start slowly.   

My list of races are listed below.  I'm hoping Annette does them with me in some form.  I think it would be nice to have the same race goals so we can continue to train and go to the races together.  It is not very fun racing alone! 

2011 Races:
09.25 - Nathan's Olymic Distance (registered) - 1500m Swim, 24 mile bike, 6.2 mile run
10.02 - Tour of Scottsdale (registered) - 70 mile bike ride
10.23 - Soma HIM (registered) - 2000m Swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run
11-06 - Women's Half Marathon - 13.1 mile run
11-20 - Vounteer at Ironman Arizona (Registered) - Swim exit and changing tent
11-21 - Annette and my Ironman Arizona 2012 Registration Day

2012 Races:
01-15- PF Chang's Rock n Roll Marathon (Registered) - 26.2 mile run
03-31 - California Half Ironman 70.3- 2000m swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

04-14 - Tour of Mesa - 70 mile bike ride
05-XX - San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon - 26.2 mile run
09.XX - Nathan's Olymic Distance - 1500m Swim, 24 mile bike, 6.2 mile run
10.XX - Tour of Scottsdale  - 70 mile bike ride
10.XX - Soma HIM - 2000m Swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run
11-XX - Women's Half Marathon - 13.1 mile run

11-18 - Ironman Arizona 2012

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 1

So here we go!!!!!!!!!! I've been a fan of the Ironman since I first saw it televised from Hawaii many, many years ago. Back in the day where people would literally crawl and crumple across the finish line. It was always one of those things that I'd take on "some day." Well, some day has arrived!

Next to being a mom, taking on Iron(wo)man is gonna be tough, but gratifying I know that.

My ultimate goal is crossing the finish line on Ali'i Drive in Kona. To get there I need to cross the finish line at Tempe Townlake. Welcome to my journey......

500 Days - 1st Post

Today we are 500 days out from Ironman Arizona 2012.  I figure this is the perfect day for our first blog post.  Annette and I are going to use this blog to document our blood, sweat and tears as we gear up for Ironman.  We will also post training schedules for the week, races and photos. I am truly excited to start the adventure.  I think it will be awesome to have a friend to train with.  Follow us or sign up for the race in November and join us!