Wednesday, July 13, 2011

About Kristin

1. Age:30

2. Children: 2 - Gwen (7) and Drake (5 on Sunday)

3. Height: 5'3". Did you notice we are all 5'3" but Kate who towers us?

4. Weight: I'm not too worried about, I just want to tone it up!

5. Athletic background: I did the city's swimming programs all through my adolescent years. Also In high school, I did track, and a semester of cross country. Cheered all through junior high and high school.

6. Why Ironman?: I don't know... why are we doing this?!?! No, because I can. Right??

7. Weakest leg of tri?: It used to be biking, but since then, I have biked a lot more and swam a lot less. So I believe it is now the swim.

8. Toughest challenge: Getting out of bed to get my workouts in. If I don't do them before the kids get up, they don't happen.

9. What do I enjoy most about training? Sweating it out! The workouts have become my sanity. I may dread them sometimes (or often) but I'm always SO glad I did them!

10. What do I enjoy least about training? Worrying about injuries. I've had a few stress fractures and a sprained ankle, and currently have a sprained toe that has been bugging me since October! Also I recently found out that I'm anemic, and if I'm not taking my iron, I definitely feel it.

11. Ironman Goal: To finish! Under 16:00 is what I'm shooting for.

12. Bike: 2011 Scott CR1 Elite. 49" (xs frame). It's my baby, I love it!

13. How do I know the other Ironmoms?: I met Kate over a year ago when I was applying to ASU. She's one of the most sincere people I know, I'm so lucky to call her a friend! Kim was my legal writing professor, so I've known her for almost a year now. (I've got to be honest, I was a little intimidated by this. Despite the great professor she was, that class was my LOWEST grade that semester. I was worried she'd think I was a total idiot. Don't worry, I re-read that paper, I see the many errors!) Annette I just met, and I'm already impressed with her drive! I'm hoping she'll share some of that with me. :)


  1. Definitely don't think you're an idiot! I am happy you don't despise me!

  2. Love your "about me" page. I think you can totally crack 16 hours. I was thinking 15 hours! Go Kristin!

  3. To clarify . . . 15 hours for YOU not ME!