Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Iron Fit - The IronMoms' Training Plan?

When we were at breakfast the other morning we started talking about training plans.  Sounds like a few people were going to use the plans in "Be Iron Fit" by Don Fink.  Annette and I ordered our copies right after we left breakfast.  I looked at the reviews and they are great.  There are 3 plans in the book.  I think the plans will cover all of our needs.  There is a Competive Plan for our little Kristin (young and fast!), an Intermediate plan, and a Just Finish plan.  The last two plans probably cover the rest of us!  My book came today and I am so excited to dive into it.

The last time a did Ironman I used a plan that was much too aggressive for my lifestyle.  I never met the goals of the day and it was very discouraging.  After glancing at these plans I think they are doable!  30 weeks of training.  I like it! 

Is everyone going to use the Be Iron Fit plans?  If so, what version?  If not, what plan? 

More photos (stolen off Johanne and Melinda's blogs!)

Here are some more photos of Ironman registration and our group of ladies.  Melinda is top (trigranny blog), some of the ladies at our breakfast meeting (Kim, Johanne, Kate, Melinda, Annette) and Johanne on the bottom.  (doing what I like blog) 

The others doing the race are Peter and Tana.  Peter is my brother in law.  He was going to do it with me originally but my sister-in-law was pregnant with twins.  Timing wasn't right.   Now he is going to join us in 2012.  He will be another local training friend for us.  Tana graduated from the law school where Kim and I worked a couple years ago.  She volunteered and was inspired to sign up.  She is fit and determined so I know she can do it.  I'll find pictures of them soon.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kate's Registration Day

Here is my registration story!  As, I told you all earlier, I started a new job today.  That caused me to worry about my Ironman registration.  My plan was to take my lap top and be online at 11:55 to get in right away.  I get work, hook up my laptop, find the local wireless . . . I'm all set. 

The head attorney (my boss) was out of the office most of the morning but discussed me attending an 11:00 meeting.  I immediately got nervous about the timing.  I wasn't sure where the meeting was going to but thought I could make it work.  My co-worker then came in and started discussing an 11:00 meeting.  That meeting was two doors down in a conference room.  This must be the meeting the boss was talkig about.  PERFECT!  She said it wouldn't last long and if it ran over I could excuse myself to go register.  PERFECT!

At 10:59 I started to walk out of my office for the meeting when the secretary comes in and gives me the directions to a DIFFERENT 11:00 meeting at the tribal casino.  UGH!  The tribal casino is 10 minutes away.  I book it to my meeting hoping it will be short and that I can get back in time.  Last year I thought registration stayed open for an hour.  My year it was 20 minutes.  I knew my window was small no matter what. 

I attend the meeting and it was awesome.  I think I'm going to enjoy my new job.  BUT the meeting went past Noon.  By the time I travel back to my office, it is 12:37.  I try to register and it is sold out.  I about cried.  Without talking to my husband, GULP, I went ahead and signed up for a Foundation slot.  [For the non-Ironman folks reading this, Ironman registration is pricy.  Regular registration is $650.  A Foundation slot is $1300!  Half of the Foundation entry fee goes to charity.  Can you believe that?! ]

I had to do it though. I couldn't get shut out of this race. I am so excited to train with all these other ladies.  It will be such a better experience than the last time.  I can't wait! 

So that is my story.  I am registered for Ironman Arizona 2012.  I better spend a lot of time training b/c I won't be able to afford to do much else! 

PS - I told my husband and he was fine.  He said "Merry Christmas!"  He is the BEST!

The Moms Register for Ironman 2012

Annette's laptop is broken so I thought I would share a photo from her Facebook page.  This is Annette, Kim and Kristin at the Ironman registration at Tempe Beach Park.  They kinda look like movie stars!  Congrats ladies!  I know 2012 is going to be a great year! 

Also registered:  Kate, Melinda, Johanne, Tana, and Peter (our IronDad!)

Registration complete!

Well, it's done!  I (and all of the other Ironmoms) are registered for the 2012 Ironman Arizona!!!   I have to say that I am both excited and slightly terrified.  I volunteered at bodymarking and runner's aid station #6 yesterday and the experience was both inspiring and frightening.  I was amazed at the athletes of all shapes, sizes, and abilities taking on a race like Ironman.  I was frightened by the varying levels of exhaustion and pain I was seeing in the athletes as they approached the finish.

After seeing all of them, it confirms to me that I know I can do this.  The experience will be difficult, but it will be an amazing accomplishment and I excited to be in the company of the other Ironmoms and athletes in less than a year on that Ironman course!!!  Time to train.  :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm inspired!

Today was a great day of volunteering.  I was at the swim exit and loved it.  My job was to help people up the stairs and start unzipping the wetsuits.  I was with IronMom Kristin so it was fun to have a buddy.  It is amazing to feel the energy of the race and see so many fans and volunteers rooting on total strangers.  I loved it.  I think the challenged and elderly athletes touched my heart the most.  Kristin and I saw a blind woman swimming and a paralyzed gentleman.  AMAZING!  There were people with one arm and others with only one leg.  AMAZING!  The older athletes are inspiring to me as well.  I want to be doing this when I'm in my late 60s or 70s!  Pretty darn cool.  I'm going to try to get the other photos up soon.  My phone was not uploading so I need to troubleshoot that problem. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ironman Fever!

Today was a great day!  I met the ladies from out of state for breakfast, went to the volunteer meeting, and got a bad case of Ironman fever!  It is amazing to think that just last year I was there as nervous as can be looking for Melinda to start our practice swim.  Wow.  What a difference a year makes. 

This year was much different.  It was very relaxing.  I really enjoyed walking around the expo looking at all the goodies.  I was reminded again and again why I love this sport.  It is for EVERYONE!  I'm so excited for tomorrow's big race. 

If any of you have the photo please send it so we can post to the blog.  It is going to be a great year of Racing.  Go Ironmoms!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

IMAZ 2012! One year and one WEEK away!

Ladies - Are you ready?  We are one week away from signing up for Ironman AZ!  Exciting!  I'm volunteering at the swim exit.  I'm so excited to see everyone tackling the my weakest sport.

Here is my update: 

I am currently unemployed!  Well, I'm actually in between jobs.  Leaving my last position was hard but a great opportunity became available.  I'm going back to practicing law.  My office will be near the Ironman bike course turnaround.  I think it is the most beautiful part of the Valley!  I will also have Fridays off and can use the day as another training opportunity.

I have two weeks off and it has been awesome. I have organized the house, updated my wardrobe, taken the kids to Disney and hit the spa!  This week, I'm taking my mom to the spa, cleaning the garage so I can leave my bike set up on the trainer, getting aero bars on my new bike, getting a make up lesson, and working on vegetarian cooking!  

I have been keeping my weight off thanks to a healthy diet and staying busy but my exercise level has remained very low.  I went on a run tonight and it felt great.  Although I have not been running much I had a better time than I have had in months.  Now just to continue!  That has been the biggest challenge for me lately.  My life is distracting me.  I have two races on the books that I have paid for - PF Chang's Marathon in Tempe, AZ and California 70.3 in Oceanside, CA.  I need to make them a priority.  (After my family, new job and home responsibilities of course.)  

I'm so excited to be tackling this race with a group of people I know!  It will be such a different experience than the first time.  Let's get Fired Up!! 

PS - Annette, you need to get your key board fixed so you can resume your blogging!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Women's Half Marathon-Scottsdale to Tempe 2011

Rock star finishers!
This update is a little late--the race was almost a week ago, but the race was great and I was happy overall.  I was super excited to have my friend, Danie, down in AZ visiting to run this race with me!!  She is a fantastic runner (even though she's only just picked it up again this year after about 15 years off!).  I knew she would motivate me to keep moving.  And, we definitely kept moving.

It was a cool morning (alright--it was cold--even for Minnesotans).  Once the sun came up, it felt a bit better.  It was perfect weather for running in my opinion.  We started towards the back of the pack in corral 5.  Unfortunately, there must have been a lot of walkers assigned to corral 5 as we had a hard time getting around them for the first 2 miles.  The first 1/2 mile was particularly frustrating--the walkers were everywhere.  We even saw one (or two) carrying their purses!!!  Once we got around the walkers, we settled into a comfortable pace.  Then, we had to stop for a bathroom break.
The break took a bit longer than we would have liked (we estimate somewhere around 4-5 minutes were spent waiting for the port-a-potties).  It also put us back in the pack with some of the slower paced runners, which were challenging to get through again.  After that, we were really on our way.  We cruised through the halfway point feeling good.  I typically start to hate the run somewhere around mile 9, but I was feeling good all the way through about mile 11.  At that point, things started tightening up and water was sloshing in my stomach, but we soldiered on and finished strong.  We finished just under 2:22--that's seven full minutes faster than I ran it last year.  And, I felt particularly good because I think we could have easily taken off at least 10 minutes (if we'd been able to start at a faster pace and if we'd have been able to skip the long bathroom break). 

All in all, it was a great race and I was so glad that I had Danie there for support and company.  It made the time pass much faster.  :)  It was like the old PIHS CC days (albeit slower and longer distance).  

Next up, the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in Las Vegas in December--followed closely by the Rock 'n' Roll Full Marathon in Phoenix in January!!