Sunday, November 13, 2011

IMAZ 2012! One year and one WEEK away!

Ladies - Are you ready?  We are one week away from signing up for Ironman AZ!  Exciting!  I'm volunteering at the swim exit.  I'm so excited to see everyone tackling the my weakest sport.

Here is my update: 

I am currently unemployed!  Well, I'm actually in between jobs.  Leaving my last position was hard but a great opportunity became available.  I'm going back to practicing law.  My office will be near the Ironman bike course turnaround.  I think it is the most beautiful part of the Valley!  I will also have Fridays off and can use the day as another training opportunity.

I have two weeks off and it has been awesome. I have organized the house, updated my wardrobe, taken the kids to Disney and hit the spa!  This week, I'm taking my mom to the spa, cleaning the garage so I can leave my bike set up on the trainer, getting aero bars on my new bike, getting a make up lesson, and working on vegetarian cooking!  

I have been keeping my weight off thanks to a healthy diet and staying busy but my exercise level has remained very low.  I went on a run tonight and it felt great.  Although I have not been running much I had a better time than I have had in months.  Now just to continue!  That has been the biggest challenge for me lately.  My life is distracting me.  I have two races on the books that I have paid for - PF Chang's Marathon in Tempe, AZ and California 70.3 in Oceanside, CA.  I need to make them a priority.  (After my family, new job and home responsibilities of course.)  

I'm so excited to be tackling this race with a group of people I know!  It will be such a different experience than the first time.  Let's get Fired Up!! 

PS - Annette, you need to get your key board fixed so you can resume your blogging!


  1. Yay!! What's this about a new bike? I need to see pictures!

  2. It is the bike you've seen. I call it my "new" bike b/c I still had the "old" bike. In my photo on the blog it shows my old bike with the aero bars. I haven't put the bars on the new bike. Need to do it soon. It is so much more comfortable!