Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More photos (stolen off Johanne and Melinda's blogs!)

Here are some more photos of Ironman registration and our group of ladies.  Melinda is top (trigranny blog), some of the ladies at our breakfast meeting (Kim, Johanne, Kate, Melinda, Annette) and Johanne on the bottom.  (doing what I like blog) 

The others doing the race are Peter and Tana.  Peter is my brother in law.  He was going to do it with me originally but my sister-in-law was pregnant with twins.  Timing wasn't right.   Now he is going to join us in 2012.  He will be another local training friend for us.  Tana graduated from the law school where Kim and I worked a couple years ago.  She volunteered and was inspired to sign up.  She is fit and determined so I know she can do it.  I'll find pictures of them soon.

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