Friday, July 29, 2011

Training Hiccup

I've had a little trouble getting my training in this week. First, it is the first week the girls have been back since spending the majority of the summer with their grandparents in Minnesota. Second, we picked up a cold in MN and it's been making its way through the family (I am currently past the extremely sore throat stage and stuck on the obnoxious cough and chest congestion stage). Third, as I was rushing in to my office on Wednesday afternoon, I slipped on a mysterious puddle outside the law school door (mysterious mainly because things dry up so fast here and there was no rain or sprinklers in that area) and fell on my knee and bottom--resulting in a sore and bruised knee.

Despite the sore knee, I did go home that night and try out my new tri bike for a few miles. It's going to take a little getting used to. The new clips are a little more slick on the bottom of the shoes, so if I miss the hook, my foot goes flying forward and I nearly fly off the bike as well. Also, I am not used to the design of the handles, so I felt a little bit anxious when I was steering around corners. I can already tell that it's faster though! It's going to be a fun bike.

I am hoping to get an extra workout in this weekend to make up for some of the misses. :)

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