Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About Kim

1. Age: 32

2. Children: 2 beautiful girls ages 4 and 6

3. Height: 5'3"

4. Weight: Over!

5. Athletic background: In high school, I ran cross country, did some track, gymnastics, and cheerleading. And, I love tap dancing!

6. Why Ironman?: Because I think I can! If I can make it through 140.6, what can't I do?

7. Weakest leg of tri?: Biking--I'm so slow and I don't push myself--it's easy to rest on a bike (as opposed to when swimming or running).

8. Toughest challenge: Get in the long rides and runs--it takes a lot of time and a lot of support!

9. What do I enjoy most about training? The variety--I love to mix it up--hiking, rumba, strength training, and all the tri sports!

10. What do I enjoy least about training? That I am always hungry, which makes my goal below more difficult!

11. Ironman Goal: Lose weight and cross the finish line.

12. Bike: A purple Specialized--very girly, I know.

13. How do I know the other Ironmoms?: I met the lovely Kate when I came to work at ASU--Whenver I mentioned that I did triathlons, people would tell me about this crazy person who was training for the Ironman and I knew I had to meet her! I had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic Kristin in my first semester of teaching at ASU--she was a reliable smiling face in the crowd. :) I was introduced to the fabulous Annette through Kate and I have enjoyed racing with her at some smaller triathlons in the Phoenix area.

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