Monday, April 9, 2012

Race Time!

As Kim and Annette have posted, it is race time.  I like Kim am not as ready as I would like to be.  I feel good about doing the OLY.  It is going to push me but is doable.  The biggest obstacle is the Swim.  I had a ROUGH swim with Annette.  Thank goodness she encouraged me to practice!  I am normally a pretty optimistic person but when it comes to swimming I just can't find it.  I have an hour cut off for my 1500 meter swim.  After my practice swim, I will need every minute of it!  Why have I not practiced since Ironman?  Just think of how much better I would be if I would just get in the water!

As scared as I am about the swim, I am really excited about the race.  It will be fun to get out there again.  I'm especially excited about seeing the other moms in action.  I'm hoping we get some good pictures to post. 

Keep you all posted.