Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marquee Plan

Well here it is the night before the year's first triathlon - Marquee Triathlon. Checked in the bike this afternoon. I'm worried because the weather has been really erratic the past few days. Really warm in the 90's and now really chilly with craaaazy wind and rain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather folk are right and that everything is supposed to clear up tomorrow. Mid-70's.

I'm going to be trying a couple of things to shave some time off my taking naps! I also need to be mindful of my body and nutrition needs. This is an area where I really haven't been paying much attention.

This will be my first OLY distance which means my first ever 10k. I am a runner.....I am a runner.....I AM A RUNNER DAMMIT!!! : )

The official Ironman training also kicks off this week. We'll be following the Be Ironfit training plan. I'm already seeing areas where we'll have to customize. I think the best way to get the swimming workouts in is to head out to Saguaro Lake at least twice a month and increase as we get further into the plan. The sun is still slow in coming up for me to get an early morning ride started, but should be coming soon.

Running, running, running, and more running. This is my challenge event.

Post race reports coming!!!!!!


  1. You are a runner, I know you are a runner, you are a runner! Go Annette.