Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Knees

I have found Annette's knee problems.  I don't know when it happened but my left knee is swollen.  I only noticed b/c when I folded my leg it "felt" swollen.  This started about a week ago.  Today when I ran the PAT TILLMAN HONOR RUN aka Pat's run, I REALLY felt that something was wrong.  After the 5k (should have been a 4.2 mile run but we had to cut out short due to my kids basketball games) my mom saw me on the basketball court and said, "Kathlene, your knee is swollen!"  Ugh.  It must be bad if she can see it!  All day long I noticed myself favoring it by putting my weight on the other leg.  By the end of the day I was obviously limping.  Now the other leg is hurting.  I'm sure it is from over compensating.  It is so bad, I think I'm going to break down and go to the doc.  I wonder if my bike is off or my shoes are off?  What ever it is, I do not feel like a champion.  Need to fix this quickly!

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