Monday, April 16, 2012

Kate's Marquee ReCap

OK ladies.  I guess it is my turn.  Here is my race report from yesterday. 

Pre-Race:  I had a great sleep Saturday night, was packed and organized, and woke up right on schedule.  This is a positive for me because I'm usually rushing around or overly tired on race morning.  I picket Annette up at 5:30 and we headed down to the race.  (Annette lives about a mile from me so she is a good car pool buddy.)  We had time to chat, set up, take a rest room break and take in the scene before the race.  We were in the first rack so we thought we'd easily spot Kim.  No luck.  I think we saw every one of our friends BUT Kim in that transition.  We were right on schedule, no rushing and got in line for the swim. 

In line I ran into an old Tri buddy named Debbie.  She did IMAZ 2010 with me but didn't make the bike cut off due to wind.  We got to know each other while training for ironman.  We usually brought up the back of the pack so we would always cheer each other on.  (She is also on our facebook Tri Group.  She runs like a marathon a month!)   It is great to see race buddies again. 

Swim:  The swim always makes me nervous.  I had a horrible swim with Annette the week before.  I'm glad I went with her b/c I was able to get in some deep water.  I was pretty calm.  I don't know why.  I guess at that point I knew it would be what it would be.  It seemed to take FOREVER!  I kept swimming and swimming with no panics.  Good progress. 

My super secret goal was to get out of the water in less than an hour.  Guess what my time was?  58 minutes.  Good I met my GOAL but SAD my GOAL was so ridiculous!   

T1:  I'm usually pretty decent at transition.  No major problems except that I put my helmet on before my shirt.  It worked out ok though. T1 time was 2:48.  I'll take it.  Could cut time off by learning Annette's fancy shoe trick but I'm scared I'd fall! 

Bike:  I always fee pretty comfortable on my bike.  I don't have my aerobars on yet so I had to stay in my drops.  I was slower than I wanted to be.  I averaged a 15.2 with transition.  I wanted to be around 16.  I can do better than this.  I was able to catch Annette on this leg and caught glimpses of Kristin and Kim.  This was the only time I saw Kim the whole day.  One more thing, I had new bike sunglasses on and I loved them.  My eyes normally tear during the ride.  The new glasses protected them more. 

My super secret bike goal was 1:30.  I finished at 1:38.  I can do better. 

T2:  This transition was slower than I would have wanted it to be but I was chatting with a guy who had just finished.  He is captain of the ASU tri team and said he could help me with my swim.  TOO CUTE!  Unfortunately, I was too focused on getting out of there to get his number.  I might have to track him down.  T2 time was 2:27. 

Run:  My legs felt pretty good during the run.  I think it helped I stayed in my drops.  I was able to catch my friend Debbie during this leg.  We chatted and then she told me to go on b/c I was faster than her.  I trotted on by.  Within a couple minutes she was next to me again.  She said, "Kate, you were much faster than me 2 years ago!  What happened?"  UGH!  I laughed and said, "Debbie, maybe you are much FASTER!"  I then had to admit, that I did nothing all last year.  She was right.  I was much faster in 2010.  (A sincere thank you to Debbie for making me admit what I already knew.)  Debbie and I ran together for a while but I had to make a port-o-pottie break.  This is a good sign for me b/c I knew I was hydrating properly.  I usually don't do well in that department.  I ended up walking and running in 6:1s and eventually down to 3:1s and 2:1s.  I slowed down quite a bit at the end and finished 4 minutes behind Debbie.

Run time was 1:18.  This wasn't great.  I didn't know what to expect here b/c I didn't know how tired I would be after the bike. It isn't has fast as I would like but I'm happy I finished. 

Total Race Time:  4:00:37. 

Post Race:  I felt the best I ever felt after the race.  I think because I properly hydrated.  Annette and I packed up our goodies and headed home.  We decided this race was the perfect wake up call before starting Ironman training.  Great timing. 

The Race:  I'm really happy with the race organizers.  They changed up the usual transition, the run course and the bike course.  It was good.  We were able to ride more of the Ironman course.  Best race t-shirt in a long time.   

-  I have been losing weight.  This helps.  I am actually around the weight I was when I raced Ironman 2010.  I'm hoping to drop another 10 before I start hard core training.
-  My bike is better than the last bike. 
-  I am decent at transition.
-  I can fight my nerves on race day.

-  I still have a lot of weight to lose.
-  I need my aerobars put back on.
-  I need to check my bike fit.  It feels off.
-  I MUST get more swim lessons and coaching. 

After the race I took my bike to the bike shop, bought some aerobars, some sassy red tape and scheduled a fit.  I'm excited to start Ironman training.  I know I said it before but I really enjoy racing.  I'm so glad I have friends to race with!  Thanks for the support!

PS - My Polar watch must have got moisture in it during the swim.  I could hardly see it the rest of the race.  I need Kim's watch. 


  1. That was my other lesson - I'm gonna need a new bike, preferably a cool Tri bike like Kim's QR! My little Giant felt like a tank at the end of my ride. You even mentioned how heavy it felt putting it in the van. I wanted aerobars too as I felt like I just want to lean over and cruise. Got into the drops every now and again.

    Good race and um wide awake now!!!! LETS DO THIS!

  2. Packed and ready Saturday night, and good sleep!? That is definitely something I need to work on.
    Also, good job coming in right around your super secret goals! ;)

    Oh, and the guy you were talking to in transition, was it Spencer Crites?

    1. not sure of his name. he was a curie with curly hair

  3. We all need Kim's watch, maybe Kim could write a review on it. Congrats on a great race and accomplishment! Let the training plans begin!

  4. I do love my watch!! It was a good purchase! There's a really in depth review by someone who reviews all the sport watch/garmin type devices. I can't remember his name, but if you google Garmin 910XT review his will pop up.
    Kate--you did awesome!! I need to work on swimming in a wetsuit (and keeping good form) as well. I am excited for Tempe International though!!