Monday, April 16, 2012

I finished!

So that's the good news......I finished! ....and isn't that a victory in and of itself anyway? I'd say so.

I'm really glad that I went swimming the two weekends before the race. Recall that first weekend I wasn't in tune with my wetsuit. The following weekend was much better and helped the confidence level for sure. Come race time I felt much better. Now I want to focus more on efficient swimming technique. Like Kim, I had a couple run-ins with other swimmers. Nothing too bad like her though. I was first starting to think that I had missed the OLY turn around point so I would ask the canoe monitors, and they'd assure me that I wasn't quite there yet....but I was REALLY close. sure. I did execute the nifty buoy turn I learned from the open water clinic. During the swim, I was actually practicing a lot of things that I'd been reading about total immersion swimming, breathing, sighting, etc. etc. Getting out of the water was kind of scary - Didn't the water level seem kind of low? I wasn't confident that I could get out with just one person helping me, luckily another person reached under my arm and they yanked me out of the water. A bit wobbly - need to remember to re-engage the legs as I near the end. Next scary thing - wetsuit strippers. Again, didn't think I'd be able to get up if I sat worries as those ladies pushed be back, gently, they yanked me back up on my feet, gently. : )

Now to test my "new" move of keeping my bike shoes clipped on my bike. I saw how the Ironman pros did this in their bike set-ups, and I gave it a try. Worked really GREAT! Only downside was all the grass that was stuck on my wet feet, but a small price to pay for shaving 2 minutes from T1.

Biking - O.M.G!! The wind I was concerned about from the day before was not as harsh, but there was still a side and headwind that made what is typically a "flat" course kind of icky. My fastest speed was 20 mph, and the lowest was 8 mph (going up the bridge on the way back). Race results say I averaged 13.6 which is about what I average on our weekend rides. I'm usually out of the water before Kate, and there was ONE TIME I was able to stay ahead of her during the bike last year. Not this time dangit! : ) I did see everyone else during the ride, except for Ms. Speedy Kristen McPhie. By this time I had no doubt I was at the rear of the OLY pack so my focus was just on finishing.

Got back to transition area and was able to dismount keeping my shoes clipped in - I love this technique! Makes running back to my spot much easier then trying to walk/run in cycling shoes. T2 took longer than planned because I chose to put on calf sleeves, and my Garmin then I had to use the port-a-potty which meant looking for one that still had tissue. So the 2 minutes I saved from T1 got used in T2. : \


So no secret that this was my first 10k, but it was also my first OLY Tri too, so big whoop. My plan was to do the 3:1 run/walk which I totally credit with getting me as far as I did. With just 1/2 mile left in the whole dang race, I got a quick little sharp calf spasm. After that I really didn't want to tempt anymore cramping so I chose to walk the rest of the way. I tested with a little bit of a jog, but could feel another twinge coming on so pulled back to the walk.

BIG NEWS - even though the run course did not include my nemesis Mill Street Bridge, the river crossing was the Scottsdale Road Bridge. When I started across it was during one of my run periods. About a 1/4 way across I made up my mind that I was going to run across the whole bridge without stopping simply in the name of principle. and like I said before - I AM A RUNNER! I made it all the way across that bridge by gum. WOOHOO!

Lessons learned:
1. Recreational "training" does not cut it. Intentionality is required.
2. Keeping the shoes clipped on the bike was great.
3. Need more wetsuit swimming.
4. Although it was my intent to mind my body for nutritional intake as far as calories go, I didn't pay enough attention on hydration and the need to replenish electrolytes, thus the cramping. During the bike I by-passed the performance drinks, and just drank my on-board water. Next time - take a couple performance drinks to prepare for the running, and during the running too.
5. Just more and more running.

I'd like to do another OLY before the SOMA Half-Ironman in October. Time to peruse the races coming up......

Thanks everyone for the good thoughts and congratulations! Your support was definitely felt out on the course.


  1. YOU'RE A RUNNER!!!!!!!

    Nice job Annette!!! And I still can't get over how impressed I am that you keep your bike shoes on your bike, just like a pro!!

  2. Thanks Kristen! I have Tri shoes too for cycling and I think that really helps cuz of how the opening is oriented from the inside out and uses heavy duty velcro. I just tried it out in my driveway and neighborhood many times to get the hang of it. I even used rubberbands like the pros but didn't particularly like getting snapped on the ankle so figured out how to do without. Besides I thought I should know how anyway just in case a band broke before I got to the bike mount area.

    Try it!

  3. Dear Runner Girl, congrats on your first Oly!!! Thanks for reminding me recreational training doesn't cut it, ugh! Yay for conquering the bridge that will come in handy in November!

  4. You are a rock star! I don't think I could keep the shoes clipped on the bike and get out of them--I'd probably tip over. I put my compression socks on (I like them better than the calf sleeves for anything longer than a 10k) in T1 so that took me forever, but I think it helped keep me from getting a cramp until late in the run. It was also very hard to put them on with wet feet...
    I think trifamily has some olympic tri's coming up--I'm am considering adding a couple more into my schedule as well. I am signed up for the Nathan's one later in the fall.
    I am so excited that you conquered that bridge--YOU ARE A RUNNER!!