Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am just 4 days away from the Soma 70.3 (Swim=1.2 miles, Bike=56 miles, Run=13.1 miles) and I have to say I am freaking out.  I have looked at all the cutoff times and have tried to be rational (even if I take the full time on the swim and the bike--I'd still have 3.5 hours to walk the 13.1 miles), so I think I can do this.  This doesn't mean that I am feeling like I am ready.  Another issue that had hindered me in the past--heat--is likely to be an issue.  Though it will be cooler than it was last week, the high is still likely to be in the 90's and I am likely to be running while it is the hottest part of the day.  All in all, this will be a test of my endurance and my mental fortitude, but I think I need it to know that I can do the BIG race in 2012.

On a different note, I completed the Seville Maxi tri on Sunday and it felt pretty good.  I raced on a similar course at Seville in May.  Compared to this spring, I shaved 27 seconds off my swim, over 2 minutes off my bike, and only added 5 minutes on the run--even though it was .8 miles longer than the spring course.  I also edged out the woman who took first (for the Athenas) in May by 10 seconds.  My husband, Adam, was a good sport and completed the tri too.  It was his first race and he rode a mountain bike, so I think he gets an A for effort and for being a great sport.  I think he's ready to do another one...once he gets a better bike. 

I am sure there will be more Soma updates coming soon!!!


  1. Hi Kim,
    I've been following this blog for a while and it looks like we'll be doing some of the same races. I'll be doing SOMA and I'm planning to sign up for IMAZ. Best of luck Sunday!

  2. Congrats to both you and Adam on the Seville Maxi tri. Good luck this weekend!

  3. Thanks Johanne and good luck to you too!!!
    Thanks Laurie--I think Adam was relieved to be finished. :)