Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Tri of 2011

I raced in the Mesa tri on Sunday.  I hadn't planned on doing this triathlon, but a couple of things convinced me to do it.  First, I needed to do some kind of training to recover from Soma and train for the Women's Half Marathon next weekend.  I didn't want to do a long run, so a short tri seemed like a good compromise.  Second, I realized that it was probably the last tri I was going to be able to do in 2011.  The last reason is kind of silly.  The race is hosted by Tri-Family Racing.  The race group hosted a number of the triathlons I did this year and they have a championship series.  As of last week, I was the overall leader for the Athenas, but one of the stipulations for the series championship is to score points in one of the last 2 races of the series.  So, I needed to place in this race (or the Thanksgiving race) to officially take the series. 

The race went well.  I felt good and I placed 2nd in my group, which was good enough to qualify me for the overall series.  I was happy to see fellow Ironmom Annette at the race.  She did awesome too!!!  I'm looking forward to the Women's Half Marathon next weekend.  Updates will follow!

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  1. We have champions in our midst! Congrats Kim! Between you and Kristin placing in different categories, Annette and I are going to have to up our game!