Friday, September 9, 2011

My Friend Debb - IMOO 2011

I want to tell you about my friend Debb.  I met Debb on-line about 2 years ago.  She is amazing and a real inspiration.  Debb and I trained together last year for our Ironman races on the beginner triathlete website.  Debb started her training at 302 pounds and has lost 100 pounds on this Ironman journey. 

Last year she competed in Ironman Wisconsin 2010.  The Ironman community referrs to this race as IMOO.  The IMOO course is pretty intense and has lots of hills.  Our Ironman Arizona or IMAZ race is a favorite because it the course is pretty flat.

Although Debb was properly trained, she missed the last run cut off by a minute.  They wouldn't let her go on.  She had to give them her chip and she was carted to the finish line.  She was at Mile 19 of the RUN!  Yep, 133 miles into her 140 mile journey.  Just 7 miles short!  Instead of feeling blue she got up the next morning and signed up to do the race again.  She has worked her tail off this year and is ready to tackle it again. 

Debb competes this Sunday in IMOO 2011.  I am so nervous and excited for her.  I'll be glued to my computer "watching" her times through out the day.   Send her some good vibes this weekend!!  She said no matter what happens this weekend she is going to keep going.  She might even tackle IMAZ with us in 2012.


  1. Great attitude. I'm sure it was a disappointment, but it's amazing that she didn't let it get her down and she's going for it again!!!!

  2. My friend didn't make it. So sad for her. She made a wrong turn on the run due to lack of volunteers. She woke up the next day and signed up again. She is a tough cookie!

  3. That stinks!! There's no way we'll get lost,right?