Monday, September 26, 2011

look what came in the mail today!

Apparently I placed third in my age division for the Red Rock triathlon!
I checked my results and saw I was in fourth, and didn't bother waiting around after that. Luckily the top finisher in our age division was in the Overall top three and so she was pulled for the age division category, so I got bumped up to third.
How nice of them to mail me my award!


  1. AWESOME! Congrats Iron Champ. I think you are going to the Ironmom Ringer! Keep up the good work speedy!

  2. I just thinking about this . . . Young, Cute and FAST?! How fair is that? :)

  3. Kristin - You should show them the award you received from placing at the Salt River half marathon. It is AWESOME!