Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tri for the Cure

Tri for the Cure!
This was a fun and quick race!!  The only complaint I had was that I was #406 so that meant I didn't start until nearly 9:00 a.m.  I had gotten to the race at 5:30 because I missed packet pick up the day before due to the fact that I was in Colorado for work.  I would have liked to have gotten a couple extra hours of sleep...but oh well!  Also, I wish that I had eaten a bigger breakfast.  I was super hungry by the time the race started.  I didn't bring many snacks since the race was so short, so I was pretty low on energy by the end of the run.  The race went well.  I finished 4th in the Athenas--I had hoped to run a bit faster, but the swim and bike went well.  Overall, it's a fun race.  Things always seem a bit less hectic when it's just ladies racing. :)  Oh, and it was awesome to see the elite athletes at the start of the race--one of the swimmers was insanely fast!

Upcoming races:  SW Valley YMCA race through tri family in April and Marquee Sprint, Espirit de She and Tempe International Tri in May, MedCity Marathon Relay over Memorial Day weekend, Minneapolis Marathon in June, Timberman Tri in July (I hope!!).  

Race Results

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