Thursday, March 28, 2013

Phoenix Marathon 2013 - Kristin

Aww, the Phoenix marathon.  I had been looking forward to this one for a while.  After all, without sticking to my training plans for my past few marathons, I had beat my time each consecutive marathon, and since my last (not counting Ironman) was 4:00:15, I was sure to FINALLY be under that 4:00 mark!  And especially coming off of Ironman?  I was sure it was in the bag.

Then I got lazy.

I started getting serious about long runs with the help of my friend Marie (picture below on the left).  This was to be her first marathon, and she was also hoping to come in under 4:00, so I begged her to let me tag along for her long runs.

But my mid week runs were pathetic.  It was so hard to get out of bed, and I was just feeling slow and heavy.  I figured it was due to a busy semester, and the stress of moving.
Come to find out...


Well come hell or high water, I was going to run this marathon.
 I was so excited to run this.  A marathon in MY town, where I'd run by MY (old) house, and MY highschool, with lots of MY friends.  
 To avoid the super early wake up call, and having to sit on a bus, I had a friend drop Marie and I off at the start.  Sure the race directions said this was not allowed, but we risked it, and it paid off!
We were dropped right at the start just 15 minutes before the gun went off.  Just in time to use the porta potty and take some quick pics.  Perfect.

It started off great!  It was cool, but not cold.  Perfect running weather.
The start of the race is down hill and fast.  I loved it!  
We were maintaining our pace, and I felt great!  
At the half way mark, we were at 1:55, and I felt like I had tons left to give.  But Marie's quads were hurting from the down hill start, and so we split at the half.  

At 19, I was starting to feel the tired feeling I usually feel around 22.  :(
But I was still with the 3:45 pace group, and I felt like I could hold it.
But then at 21 I had the burps that turned into the pukes.  
I stopped and puked, and caught my breath as I watched the 3:45 group move on.
I walked for a while.  Then when the 3:50 group came, I started running again.
Puke, walk, repeat.
I tried so hard to stay with the 4:00 group.  Because then I could just pour it on that last little bit and beat 4:00 right?
No.  They left me in the dust too.

I was just about resigned to walking the rest of the way when my friend Mark (my first boyfriend, ha!) was walking back along the course.  He did the half in 1:30, and had been running people in.  So he started running and talking with me.  I was too embarrassed to tell him I really wanted to walk, so I dug deep and ran the last mile in at a great pace!  I was surprised I could pull it off!
There I am, running in to the finish, after high fiving just about everyone in the crowd.  I was so happy to be finished, and I usually see that as taking more time than just sprinting in to the finish, but my time goal was gone, so I didn't care.  It was fun!

So what's next?
Ironman St. George 70.3

I need to get back on the bike, and pray my wet suit will fit!
No time goals, I just want to finish.

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! The mark of a bad ass Ironmom is to run marathons and half-Ironmans while preggers!!!

    The rest of us (at least me!) will have to come up with some other way to measure our bad assedness. : D