Monday, March 4, 2013

Now why don't she write????

Hey all!! It's been a looooooooong time since I've posted here. It's also been awhile since I've really done any training. : / I decided I was going to enjoy the holidays and family time. Well that was a few months ago now. I can't say I haven't done ANY training at all.

Kate and I got our bike crew together for a first ride up Usery Pass about a month ago. Should've listened to the signs. Kate had a minor spill in the parking lot, quickly followed by me doing pretty much the same thing - not getting foot unclipped fast enough to step down. Once we got going everything seemed to be going well, and I was even keeping up with the pack without any trouble. We started cruising along Bush Highway, and I was feeling pretty good to be back on the road, peddling along, chilly wind in the face. After a little bit of a hill, the other three went ahead, and I was getting up to speed and had just settled into my aerobars when BAM! My left side aerobar just dropped out from under me. This caused me to fall to the right, into the gravel shoulder. I could feel the front of my helmet, sunglasses and cheek skid along the ground. When I came to a stop, looking up at the sky, I screamed as loud and as long as I could hoping the rest of the group would hear.


So I screamed just as loud and as long as I could again. Still nothing.

I checked my face fully expecting my hand to be covered in blood. Nope...good sign. I didn't feel like anything was broken. I sat up and looked around, I could see the other three waaaaaaay up ahead on the road, and I tried calling to them again, but they were too far. Dang, I thought I had a pretty strong voice when I was a cheerleader. Oh yeah, that was decades ago....DUH!

By this time at least a couple cars had passed by without one even slowing down. Turds! My elbow was bleeding pretty good to the point where it was dripping onto my leg. I stood up and texted Kate that I wrecked. I also tried calling but to nada. A couple more cars pass by. Doo-doo heads.

Just then my knight in a shiny black Chevy Avalanche is coming towards me. Hooray MCSO to the rescue! I raise my hand to wave him down, and was shocked when he just waved and passed by!!!! OH HELL TO THE NO!!!!!!! I think my look of shock made him realize I actually needed help. So after a U-turn he comes back, administers some first aid and gives me a ride back to the cars. Kate finally got my texts and message and tells me to wait at the car.

Well to make a long story short - turns out that the bolts holding the aerobars onto the handlebars were too short and there was barely any thread holding them on. I'm actually grateful I wrecked where I did because I can only imagine how much damage there would have been had I been going down the other side of Usery Pass easily going well into the 30mph, if not 40mph range. The other big lesson is that this is the second time I've had difficulty riding on the Bush Highway. Oprah talks about listening to the message the Universe sends you - first it starts as a whisper, that gut feeling you have. Then the messages get louder and louder until you finally learn the lesson, or get the message. I got the more Bush Highway for Enzo.

I still need to get a new helmet and get my sunglasses fixed, but my body is healed (hopefully the road rash on my elbow will leave a cool scar), and Enzo is fixed. I'm definitely ready to get back on the road!!!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you're back! The blog was getting lonely. :)