Monday, March 11, 2013

Phoenix Marathon and Peoria Tri

Phoenix 1/2 Marathon
Last weekend was a busy race weekend! First, I ran the Phoenix 1/2 marathon on Saturday morning. The course was different this year so we didn't enjoy a three mile decline to start out the race. The course was still quite flat and the weather was perfect. The race organization was a bit of a disaster. The finish was moved, but the race organizers still had runners bussed to their respective starts.

The race traffic was completely backed up getting onto the highway and then off to the exit. As a result, many of us sat on the highway for close to an hour. Then, we took the buses (also somewhat chaotic) to the start. I got off the bus and into the port a potty line...where I waited 25 minutes, which left me two minutes to bring my stuff to gear check and get to the start. I walked up to the starting line area just as the gun went off!!

Kids' 1K
The run was fairly uneventful. It was a bit crowded at the start and about 9 miles in I started catching some of the 10k walkers, which would have been less frustrating had the running lane been wider. Overall, I ended with an alright time, but not the PR I had on the course last year.
The finish area was chaotic--but there were lots of fun activities and vendors just like last year (cotton candy is always a win in my book!).

After my race, the girls ran a 1k on the course. It was a little warm for the kids' race. Lyla got a little warm and didn't really love the run. Elliot had a better time.
Silver Medal!

Sunday morning was Elliot's big race day. We headed up to Peoria for a tri just for her! She did great. This was in the regular order--swim, bike, run. Her swim went well, transition was still a little confusing, the bike felt long, and she had a GREAT run. She ended up 2nd in her age group and she was so excited!! A lot of the older kids had been ahead of her so she didn't think she did that well. It was pretty great watching her collect her silver medal. :)

2nd Place!

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  1. This is so cute! And how exciting that she did so well! You're a great example to your girls.