Monday, March 12, 2012


I've been using a personal trainer at my gym, Fitness Works, for the past year. We've really had a good schedule and he's been a great motivator. On facebook I refer to him as "Mr. DAYUM." heh heh That's actually a nickname that he said his co-trainers call him, so I can't take credit. His actual name is Alex Garcia. : )

Well, Alex has bigger dreams of being a physicians' assistant. He finished school, passed his licensing exam, and has most recently found a job. Alex starts his new full-time job next week which means that he's not going to be my trainer anymore. : (

So, time to pull up the britches and keep myself accountable to my training plan. The official start date is April 15, 2012. I still haven't figured out where i'm going to be doing the swim sessions. Fitness Works has a pool, but it's an odd length - only 14 meters which means a lot more turning to get any kind of workout. I'm thinking i'll focus on the full immersion swimming technique until i can find a better pool option.

Wishing Alex the best on his new chapter, and i'm sure we'll keep in touch.

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  1. Poor Annette. I know you will miss him but he gave you the tools you need. Go Girl! Pretty soon they will be calling you "HOT DAYUM!"