Wednesday, March 21, 2012

....and so we begin

Well, the Tri season is upon us. Registered for my first race - Marquee - doing the OLY distance. Thanks to SRPMIC for the registration.

So what does this mean for training now? Means the April 15th start date has moved up by 3 weeks! Interestingly the Marquee race is on April 15, hmmmm. This will probably be my first wetsuit race too. I bought one during Black Friday at Triple Sports in Scottsdale. It was a bit snug (as far as wetsuits go) back then, but my plan is to be uber serious about the nutrition and training now so I should have no worries by the time raceday comes around. : )

I'm glad I started my running "training" already. I did this race last year as part of a relay - I was going to swim the half-Iron distance. I was TOTALLY ready too! Well Mother Nature intervened and decided to rain so much that Tempe closed the lake which meant the triathlon suddenly became a swimming. ACK! I was a good sport and decided Jd take on the 5k run anyway. It was hard, and I came in dead last! : / Worst part is that I could not even run across the whole Mill street bridge without stopping. Needless to say, the goal for this first race is to actually run across that damn bridge without stopping!

Happy Training all!!!!


  1. Yay Annette!! I think I'm going to do the Oly also. Thank you very much SRPMIC!!!
    You'll rock the run this year!

  2. Go Annette and Kristin! I have contacted Salt River too. If they let me in, I'll do the OLY. For some reason they usually reject me so I don't have high hopes for registration. We'll see.

    Annette - I'm so excited for you to do this race. I know you will do great! Go Girl!

  3. I'm signed up for the 1/2 and, as with my only previous 1/2, I believe I am woefully undertrained. I am just hoping for relatively cool weather and some clouds! I am excited to get a tri in though! I'm itching to get back in the swing of things.