Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kate's update

I posted about my lack of motivation a while ago. I stated I didn't have the "Eye of the Tiger" that I know I need to do this Ironman.  I decided to skip my 70.3 and relax.  Once I made up my mind I tried to do fun activities.  I did a 5k with a friend and took a nice relaxing bike ride this weekend.  I dug it.  Ron, my husband, is also trying to work out with me more.  (Ron = more fun)  So far this has helped me. 

Two interesting things happened this week.  (1)  I get to be a part of a tri group that I have been wanting to train with for sometime.  I'm pretty excited about it.  (2)  When I went on the ride with Ron and my friends today, Ron said I seemed much stronger on the bike than I used to be.  Ron hasn't ridden with me in a while so this was nice for me to hear.  He is a great judge of my skill level.    Both of these things were good to hear!

The other great thing that happened is that Ron and I cleaned out 3rd car garage (seperate individual stall that we use for storage) to make room for another machine.  Ron wants to get an elipical but we didn't have room.  We now have room and have added a nice TV and DVR box.  We figure the cost of adding the TV and cable is still less than a gym membership for both of us.  I'm excited.  Hope it works!

SO, I'm more motivated.  I am going to do the Marquee Tri with the other Ironmoms.  Kim is doing the Half and Kristin, Annette and I are going to do the OLY.  I feel really good about that.  Normally, I would have signed up for the Half and beat myself up about not being ready.  I know I can do this.  I may be slow, but I can do it. 

We are a couple weeks out from our OLY!  This is going to fun!

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