Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where the 10 minute faster bike split came from:

It occurred to me while I was running this morning and puzzling over how I was faster for the Rio Salad tri on the bike.
A couple days before the Rio Salado Oly, I took my bike into Tribe to have the derailers adjusted.  He was doing his thing, but couldn't figure out where some noise (that I couldn't even hear) was coming from.  Then he said "wait a minute!! Your wheel's not all the way in!"  Seriously!?  My rear wheel wasn't all the way in the bike!
I told him I was so embarrassed, and he told me I'd be surprised at how often he sees it because it happens all the time.  Sure.  But thanks for trying to make me feel better.  Once he put the wheel all the way in, it was shifting like normal and the noise was gone.  Also, it didn't do any damage to my bike or wheel thank goodness.  I have no idea how long I've been riding like that, but like I said I was running and it hit me hard.  DUH!!!  That's why my bike split was better!!
So learn from my mistake (if this really does happen all the time), make sure your wheels are all the way snapped in to your bike!

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  1. Crazy. You are lucky you didn't get hurt!!! You are going to be super speedy now.