Monday, May 7, 2012

Rio Salado Oly Recap

 The race started half an hour late.  So while it was nice to have extra time to pull up my wetsuit as high as I could, I couldn't help but think that this only meant running when it would be hotter and the sun higher.
Ryan's brother, Gavin and I.

Swim:  32:43 This was two minutes faster than Marquee.  I thought I'd be even fast than that given I didn't have the "I can't breath" swimming due to the wetsuit choking me.  I had Ryan help me really pull that thing up so there wasn't much pressure on the neck.  But this also meant wetsuit camel toe.  TMI?  Let's just call it WCT so people don't get grossed out when we mention such things.  Ha!
It was a decent swim.  I just tried to have a strong, even stroke.

T1:  1:15  No issues, and even remembered to put on my bib!

Bike:  1:18:45  The bike course is so lame compared to Marquee.  Because it's all in Tempe right around the lake, there are three U-turns on each lap, so six U-turns in all.  But somehow I did this faster than Marquee by 9:40!  I don't know how, but I'll take it!  Also, I wore my tri shoes on the bike, despite the numb feet from Marquee.  No numbness this time.  I think it helped that it was a good 10º warmer.
I was super thirsty on the bike though.  I didn't want any extra weight and since I've never drunk more than one bottle on 25 miles, I only brought one bottle to drink.  Maybe because I had a better swim and therefore didn't drink as much yummy Tempe Town Lake water, or the heat, or most likely both, I was thirsty!  Too bad there weren't bike stations like at Marquee.

T:2  1:25  

Run:  53:02  The run was slower than my numb foot run at Marquee by a minute.  I'll chalk that one up to the heat.  The first three aid stations I grabbed water while running through.  But for my second loop, I actually stopped at each aid station.  At the second to the last, I couldn't help but just pee, and I told the water guy to explain why I took four of his water cups to throw water on my crotch.  He was disgusted.  Must not be a runner.  ;)  Also, I wore some of my old Newtons because they were my only ones with elastic laces (I had to wear Newton shoes since I was wearing my Newton kit).  My right arch was definitely feeling the old no-arch support shoes.  I was so glad to be finished!  Oh, and I didn't plan it, but Gwen ran out and took my hand and ran across the finish line with me, it was adorable!

Finish time, 2:47:12, I beat my Marquee time by almost 11 minutes!!  It made me want to do an Oly tri every three weeks if I can pull off that much of an improvement!!  But I'm sure it's just a fluke.

Oh, I did get a bunch of compliments on my kit during the bike and run.  And Ryan liked it too because it was easier to spot me in it.  I'm thinking this'll be what I wear for IMAZ.

And did you hear about St. George IM Saturday?  Crazy winds lead to almost 500 swimmers calling it quits during the swim.  I heard there were 5 foot waves because of the 40 mph wind gusts.  I am praying for perfect weather for IMAZ!


  1. OMG! Great race! I can't believe those transition times. Good work momma. Love that Gwen finished with you. As for WCT . . . happens to the best of us. Way to work through it! Go Girl!

  2. First, you're awesome! Second, I too dislike the bike courses that have all those U-turns and short laps! Third, great job on the new time. Fourth, I am glad the swim felt better--I think I need to have someone help me put my wetsuit on for a more snug fit next time as well. Finally, did I mention you're awesome?!