Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kate's random update

Watch - A friend let me have her old garmin for 50$.  I'm glad I tried it.  I LOVE it and it is perfect for my training.  The only problem is that it doesn't hold a charge very long.  I gave my Bro-In-Law a garmin from costco for Christmas but he isn't crazy about it so he is going to let me try it out.  I guess it is a tap system and it doesn't work for him. I hope it works for me!  I think I'll try it this weekend. 

Race - I'm scheduled to race an OLY this weekend.  I'm nervous about it b/c of my knee.  My hubby thinks it would be wise to drop down to the sprint.  I'm tempted but I wanted to test my training.  Tough call. 

Training - I am digging this training plan.  Even more so now that I adjusted my HR zones.  My zones were way low.  My zone 2 was 107-114.  Now that I adjusted them I feel like I'm getting a better work out. 

Weight - Right now I'm 3 pounds heavier than when I raced Ironman in 2010.  I'm pretty happy about it.  I'm down 10 pounds from January.  I still have a ways to go but I think I will make good progress if I can keep my eating in check. 

Swim - I'm looking up swim coaches.  I think I'm going to get some coaching from Camelback coaching and then join a masters class in Mesa.  If I could set up a couple private lessons and then hit a couple sessions before work every week, I think that would really help me.  I just need to bite the bullet and do it! 

Here is the plan I would like to do with Camelback.  (This is the group that Kim got her bike fit with.)  Anne the wife is supposed to be FANTASTIC at helping swimmers.  I want to do the swim plan.  Pricy but I need help!

Half IronMan - I was originally going to do SOMA but now I'm leaning towards Deuceman in the white mountains.  Deuceman is in early September and closer to the target date in Be Iron Fit.  I think that will give me more time to adjust.  Need to do more research.


  1. Are you thinking of joining the Masters at Kino? I think you should! I've done my free trial week, and now I'm just waiting to bite the bullet and sign up.
    And the Dueceman looks awesome! I might have to wait for my school money to sign up though. I'd love to have another half (besides Soma) under my belt.

  2. I am think about Kino. I emailed them about a free trial. The lady who emailed me sounded fun and supportive! I like her already. I'm leaning towards Dueceman b/c Soma is very close to IMAZ. If I tank at Dueceman, I'll have time to recover. I'm hoping the Salt River Tri's will have a relay for Soma. I thought I might volunter to do a leg as part of training.