Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Can you believe that we are already a week into February?  Time is already flying by in 2012.  I am trying to recover from a cold (colds really) that has plagued me since the first week in December.  Every time I think I'm recovered, I seem to get a new bug.  So, I have spent the better part of the last 2 weeks focusing on getting rest.  It also means that my training has taken a pretty big hit. 

In order to be ready to hit the ground running when I start my "official" Ironman training regimen, I want to lose some lbs and so I have been learning about training for weight loss v. training for performance.  Now, I have to admit I haven't really looked at training with a specific goal other than to get in better shape.  I have been frustrated when the numbers on the scale don't reflect my efforts in the gym.  I am finding that I am getting my heart rate too high for too long to train for weight loss.  I am learning how to better maximize my work out for my goal of losing weight.  So, as a result here are my new training goals for February and March:

1.) Eat more calories, but choose healthier calories--my body thinks I'm starving so it's holding on to weight I want to lose.
2.) Lift more weights--more muscle=greater calorie burn.
3.) Focus on heart rate during cardio workouts--try to stay in the "fat burning" zone.
4.) Be o.k. with slower times in upcoming races (Ragnar, Phoenix 1/2)--since I'm training for weight loss I might lose ground with performance a bit.
5.) Train intervals--weight loss can be enhanced by incorporating more interval training into a workout regimen

Now, it's time to get on track and start moving!


  1. I like your goals Kim. Sounds like the same thing I need to do. I have a heart rate monitor that I haven't used yet. I need to find my zones and get burning too. I have been doing some workouts but no weight loss. I also need to go longer distances. Peter and I are going to do lost dutchman in two weeks. Feel free to join us. I'll probably do my 3-1 again. Slow and steady. Hope you knock that cold out! Hang in there. Kate

  2. Fun, I had thought about the Lost Dutchman, but I think it's the same weekend as Ragnar. I'm doing the Phoenix 1/2 the first weekend of March though.

  3. Kim - The Phoenix Half is sold out! I think Peter and I are going to be Bandits! Maybe we can start together. I think you'll be faster than me.

  4. I can finally post comments....YAY! I agree that quality calories are key. Y'all know I swear by Shakeology for my healthiest meal of the day. How do you like it Kate?

    My frustration with heart rate training is that for a "woman my age" my fat burning.g zone means walking and that does nothing for building on running. Mr. DAYUM has said to stick with.building on the running and that the heart rate will follow. So guess we'll see.