Monday, February 27, 2012

"Women of Your Age"

Hey ladies!  I thought I would report in.  Can you believe it is almost March already?!  How did that happen? 

Since I last wrote I ran another half Marathon.  I ran a race called the Lost Dutchman.  It was awesome.  It was a small race out in Apache Junction.  Most of the run you are running toward Superstition Springs Mountain.  Verry Pretty. I highly recommend it.

I ran with my bro-in-law Peter again again.  This time we ran 4:1s instead of 3:1s.  I felt much strong than the last race.  I ended up taking 10 minutes off my time.  I still wasn't rocket fast but my final time was 2:37.  I felt pretty good. 

I'm hitting a spin class twice a week during work and getting a long ride in on the weekend.  I am not close to ready for a Half Ironman.  I looked at my training from 2010 and I was much farther along than i am now.  I feel much more balanced than I did the first time but that might not equal great training.  We shall see. 

One more thing, I have a fitness guy at work that is helping to keep me on track.  He is actually doing a workplace wellness program and he knows I'm training for the Ironman.  He makes sure I'm not slacking and heckles me if I slack.  Thursday he said "Women of YOUR Age" need strength training.  He said my body is losing muscle and bone density.  If I don't replace it my metabolism will slow way down.  I was thankful for his tip and offended I was THAT age!  Ugh.  Oh well.  At least I'm trying. 




  1. Women of all ages need strength training!! Way to go on the race. :)

  2. Ugg on the strength training but I am putting it back in. I recently had a dexascan showing osteopenia (early osteoporosis). So all of you young things, do the strength training!

  3. I've been doing a lot of strength training with Mr. DAYUM. Now gotta focus on endurance. I've been doing the 3:1 running and it has really worked for me. I'll aim for a 4:1 this week. I'm still running.g my same 5k route and noticing my times are getting better. I yhjnn once I get to a 5:1, i'll start adding more distance.