Sunday, January 8, 2012

Decent first week

So this was my first week of training.  It wasn't perfect but I'm happy with what I was able to accomplish.  I need to find a pool soon to round it out.  Here are a couple updates.

  • A friend sent me her garmin to try out.  It is an older model, 310 I think, but it helped me get the feel of it.  I LOVE it!  I think it will make training very fun.  I can see how having a garmin will make training by "time" increments so much easier.  I've been a "distance" trainer because I like to see how much ground I can cover.  Finally I can do both.
  • I haven't tried to incorporate heart rate training yet.  That will be the next step.  I am trying to work out the kinks before we start the Ironfit training plan.
  • As for diet, I have been doing pretty good this week.  It helps some of my girlfriends are doing a biggest loser competition.  Hopefully it will help me stay motivated.
  • I am loving my spinner.  It should make a big difference in my training.  We'll see how it goes.
  • I'm still playing with my race schedule.  I'm hoping to have it finalized this week. 
Have a fantastic week ladies!! 

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