Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cross Training and Strength Training

While I enjoy the 3 sports that make up the triathlon (ok, so I don't enjoy all 3, but I tolerate them), I like to mix things up and cross train. My favorite workout zumba, but some days I can't make it to the gym when it's offered. So, I've picked up a couple of workout DVDs that I really like. The first is Bob Harper's Inside Out Method kettle bell strength training (I also like his Inside Out Method workout). It's adds some variety to the regular routine and works my hips, quads, and hamstrings 'til I'm good and sore.

The other DVD I like is Jillian Michaels's Yoga Meltdown. It's part yoga and part torture, but you definitely feel it working! (Btw, can you tell I love the Biggest Loser's trainers!)

The other thing I'm trying to do is work in more strength training workouts. I find that I get the best all over workout if I go to a class. Again, this requires schedule coordination, so many times I wander aimlessly from machine to machine trying to make sure I work all the different muscle groups. Any good suggestions on how to maximize strength training workouts?

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  1. strength training? never heard of it!

    I had a few Ironman friends who were doing CrossFit. You look at the website everyday and do the WOD (Work out of the day). There are lots of exercises using your own body strength, kettlebells, and weights. Those who do it, LOVE it. Might be worth looking it up.