Sunday, February 3, 2013

Double Down!!

Runner's Den Road Race--Double Down= 5k + 10k

The day was perfect for a run...or two! It was cool and overcast, but not windy. This race is well organized and well run. The course wasn't too crowded and there were free pancakes!!!

The 5k went well. I tried to hold back a bit in anticipation of the 10k. After finishing the 5k, I had about 45 minutes to relax before the 10k started. It did feel a little chilly after running, but once the 10k picked up it was great.

The 10k went well too. Around the 4 mile mark, a car ignored the police roadblock and almost hit me and another runner, but otherwise the run was uneventful. I was definitely tired by the end of the run, but I generally felt good during and after the run. Next up--Ragnar!

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