Saturday, February 9, 2013

Catching Cupid Reverse Tri

My cute little triathlete
Today was my little Elliot's first triathlon!  She has been so excited about doing a triathlon for about a year now and has one scheduled in March.  But, I saw this triathlon online and asked Elliot if she was interested and she said, "YES!"  So, I signed both of us up.  Last night (Friday) was the father/daughter dance at Elliot's elementary school.  So, the girls and Adam went out for dinner and then went to dance where the kids had cupcakes, slushies, and candy.  Jump to 1:30 a.m. and Elliot coming into my room and saying her tummy hurts.  I figured she was either anxious for the race or it was just too much junk.  So, I told her to try going to the bathroom and then getting some rest.  She did, but about 15 minutes later she said her tummy really hurts.  Then, she ran to the bathroom and threw up...a lot.  After that, she was able to go back to bed.  At that point, I figured the race was out for the morning.

At 5:30, I woke up Elliot just to see if she still wanted to race or if she wanted to rest--she was still super excited to race and swore she felt better.  So off to the race we went!  Since this was reverse triathlon, the race started with the run, followed by the bike, and then the swim.  Elliot's race was a 1/2 mile run, 4 mile bike, and 100 yd. swim.  The run was on a track so I ran along the inside of the track with her to help her keep pace.  Then, it was off on the bike--Adam rode along with her on the course.  It was cold (in Arizona terms) so the ride got pretty chilly.  The poor thing was frozen by the time she finished and she was pretty pooped (probably the lack of sleep on not feeling well).  She jumped in the pool for the swim and it was clear she was out of energy, but she powered on and finished the whole thing.  She had a little confusion in the transitions (so do most first timers though), but other than that she did great.  At the end, she was finished, but so excited.  Watching her cross that finish line was such a proud moment.  :)  I've had people tell me that they are motivated by my running/racing, but to know that I've inspired my daughter to believe and accomplish this was one of the greatest feelings ever. 

I also signed up to race.  The adult race was a 5k run, 12 mile bike, and 400 yd. swim.  This is a pretty short distance...but it's the first time I've been swimming since Ironman and only the 2nd time I've cycled since then!  (I know--that's just terrible--I really have to get back in the swing of biking and swimming!!)  I actually like the reverse tri format.  I find that I run faster (I got a PR on the 5k) and it doesn't significantly impact my bike or swim--and the transitions are faster.  I placed solidly in the middle of the pack overall--but 9/10 in my age group.  :(  I am still in that ultra competitive W30-34 age group--had I been in the 35-39 or either of 20 something age groups--I would have finished in the top 3!  I must say I do enjoy when I pass 20 somethings (and men) on the course.  :) 

Next up (for real this time)--Ragnar, then the Phoenix 1/2 Marathon!


  1. Good for you Kim and Elliot! I had no idea there were tri's for kids!

  2. There were so many kids doing the tri!! It's amazing to me. I don't think I could have done this as a kid.