Monday, November 12, 2012

Falling Apart!!!

Wow, it's been months since I lasted posted!!!  And now, it's only 6 (closer to 5) days until Ironman!  I can hardly believe it's here, but at the same time it feels like it will never get here.  Since Nathan's Olympic tri, I've also completed the Soma 1/2 Iron (for a 2nd time) and the Women's 1/2 Marathon (for a 3rd time).

Soma 1/2 Iron Tri
The good news is that both races went well.  I felt much better on Soma than I did on either of my two previous 1/2 Irons.  My time was a PR, even though my swim and bike were both slightly slower than the previous 1/2 Irons--my run was just significantly faster.  I have been trying to find a good balance with using salt tabs and eating more.  I still find it a little difficult to get enough to eat during a race.  I really need to stop if I'm going to eat more than a bite of something at a time.  I am hoping that I will just be so hungry during IMAZ that I will have to eat.  On my Soma swim, I felt like I was really moving--I think my overall time was a little slower than last year's for a couple of reasons.  First, I was wearing a wetsuit and that takes longer to get out of (and the timing mat isn't until you are entering transition).  Second, since we were swimming into the sun, I had a bit more difficulty spotting and actually swam 1.4 miles rather than 1.2 according to my Garmin.  I think I veered too far center a couple of times when I was spotting off another swimmer.  Finally, I am trying to walk my transitions in order to avoid getting too amped up and winded when I start the bike.

My ride times have been consistently slower this year.  I am not sure what this is other than I have trained much more for distance than for speed, so I may just not be quite as quick as in previous races.  Also, I did stop for a potty break during the ride, so I am sure that didn't help with the overall time.  By the time I hit the run, I actually felt pretty good.  I followed my walk-run pattern.  I started with a run 5 minutes walk 90 seconds pattern that stretched to a 2 minute walk around mile 10.  But, that's much better than my 2 previous 1/2 irons where I walked more than I ran.   So, after Soma, I was feeling pretty good about the last month before Ironman.  Then, things started to slide a bit...
Women's 1/2 Marathon

First, we took a quick weekend vacation to Rocky Point, Mexico--where I did nothing (no running, biking, or swimming).  Then, I had a conference in Atlanta, followed by an important presentation at work the following week.  Between Atlanta and the presentation, I ran the Women's 1/2 Marathon.  I had a good run, despite not having run anything more than 6 miles since Soma.  It wasn't a PR, but it was an improvement over my previous times for the same race.  Following all of that travel and stress, I had severe back and neck pain (like crying in my bed because I couldn't lift up my head pain).  I have made 3 visits to the chiropractor in the last week and have one more scheduled before IMAZ.  I can finally lift my head, but my range of motion with my neck is still limited.

What's worse is that I've definitely gotten sick.  It started with a cough--this morning I woke up with a throat that felt like it was swallowing glass.  The pain has gotten a little better, but I am just hoping the soreness and congestion ease up before Sunday!!!

As a result, I haven't tapered so much as quit training cold turkey.  I have been doing some strength training (because it doesn't cause huge coughing fits), but little else.  I tried a ride yesterday morning, but the cold, my lack of a spare tube (due to a flat on a training ride a few weeks back and me being too busy to get to the bike shop), and my compromised health resulted in a very short ride on the beeline.  In retrospect, I should have skipped it altogether, because I felt like crap after I got home.

I did get my bike into the shop for some final tweaks.  I replenished my tube and CO2 tank supply.  I got a new back tire (a gator skin--so I better not get a flat!!!) and I had my brakes realigned, so I should be good to go with that.

My plan for the rest of the week is to rest and hydrate.  I am hoping that will be enough to get me through the race--that and my sheer will to complete it!  At this point, the main thing fueling me is the thought of hearing the words "You Are an Ironman!"


  1. Hello IronMoms2012,
    You all have trained hard for this event, You have done the miles and you know deep in side you are ready. So follow your heart and you will excel beyound your imagination..
    What a great gift that you ladies are giving to your young people, you are the role models that every child should have. I say this because you are their moms, and they can touch you, which makes you real in their world, and they can and will look up to you forever.. By doing this you have set a bar that they will strive to reach and to go beyound.. Congratulation to you all and for what its worth I am so PROUD to know you.
    Ladies, Rock this.

  2. Ughh! Kim, I feel for you! And I'm joining you on fighting off some bug! I've had a grumbly stomach for the last two days, and I downing the Emergen-C trying to make it go away. Hopefully these next few days bring lots of healing!!

  3. Thanks LaVerne!!
    Kristin--I'll be hoping that we both get healthy by Sunday!!!