Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nathan's Race Report - Kristin

This was a last minute decision to do Nathans (thank you Michelle!).  I hadn't done an Olympic since Marquee back in May, so I was anxious to just get in a good brick, and that's how I told myself I would treat it.  
The Friday before I got in my first century ride, which was really hard at the end because of the heat.  I was concerned again about the heat during Nathans.  When the race started 40 minutes later than planned, I knew that meant we'd be running in the heat.  Ughhh!

Luckily I had Kim there with me and we kept each other company between bathroom breaks while waiting for the start.
Because the particularly warm September we were having, the water was 81º, not wetsuit legal.  But I really enjoyed the swim without a wetsuit.  I told myself not to go out fast, but just keep a strong, steady pace.  I did just that and felt great!  I also tried drafting in the water.  Unfortunately I picked a swimmer who veered off to the right quite a bit, so I had to cut back to the left to get back on the course.  I'm sure whatever time I may have saved was definitely lost on that one.  Also I had my goggles fog so bad!  And on the way back in, I was making sure to spot every six strokes, but since our caps were orange, and so were the buoys, plus the fogged goggles, it was so hard to see, and I found myself slightly off course again.  Doh!  So I need to remember to treat my goggles with anti-fog before my next big swim.  

Swim:  1500 M - 32:23

On the swim exit, I heard my friend Lori cheer me out of the water.  This was so exciting because I knew my family wouldn't be there, and was kind of bummed since they are world class cheerleaders.  

Also, my tri top was gaping in the shoulders, so I took it in real quick the night before.  Well I left the seem not so smooth on the neck area which rubbed my neck the whole swim.  So I gave myself a nice raspberry that looked like a hickie.  Classy.  

T1:  1:49

The bike course is interesting.  There are so many tight U-turns that ruin your momentum!  But it is fun getting to see so many people on the course.  Unfortunately I found myself behind some UofA and NAU tri team members, so I couldn't help but push myself to pass them.  I passed three.  Yes!  But after a century just two days before, my legs were t.i.r.e.d.  They are still feeling the tired ache when I get on my bike and push the speed or try to climb!  But I'm happy with my bike time.  I averaged over 20mph which is really good for me.  
Also, on the bike course, I heard my friend Althea cheer for me.  I had forgotten her husband was doing the race, and she was there to support him.  Another boast!!  It's so funny how that can help your mental game in a race.  I so appreciate that!

Bike:  25Miles - 1:13:36

During transition 2, I ran past my bike rack!  Arghh.  So I ran under the bar with my bike and racked my bike backwards.  Oh well.

T2: 1:37

The run, as expected, was hot.  The first lap I was still trying to make my tired/dead legs wake up, but at least was able to make myself run through all the aid stations.  But by the time I made my second loop around Tempe town lake, I was steaming.  Where you can feel how hot the air is coming out of you with every breath.  So I stopped at each of the three aid stations and downed some water and powerade, and put ice down my sports bra, down my shorts, and in my visor.  Oh man, that felt so good and helped so much!  
Also, along the run course were Kate and Patty.  They were the cherry on top!  I went to the race expecting no cheers since my family was not there, but I had encouragement the whole time.  Thank you so much for that!
Run: 10K - 56:23

So despite the slower run, I still had an Olympic PR of 2 minutes.  

And besides my neck hickie, my other souvenir from the day was the mosquito bites that were all over my legs!  Turns out Kim wasn't the only one I was hanging out with waiting for the race to start, the mosquitos were there too!

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  1. You are such a rock star! You're going to kill at IMAZ!!!