Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Race Updates

Holy cow--we're just a little over 90 days out from our Ironman AZ adventure! I am getting nervous and freaked out, so it was time to look at the race schedule and see how things line up for the BIG race.

September:  Trifamily race in Peoria, Nathan's Olympic Tri
October: Tour de Scottsdale?, Soma 1/2 Iron Triathlon
November: Women's Half Marathon, IRONMAN!

It's crazy to think that I'm only a few races away from Ironman.  Annette and I have been trying to get caught up on the bike rides (she's doing better than I am!!).  I've been getting regular strength training in each week.  I was fortunate to be in a cooler climate over the weekend and got some solid runs in as well.  My new goal is to get 3 runs/3 swims/3 bikes in each week--with one of each of those being a "long" workout.  I think if I can keep up with this training schedule and the strength training I should feel pretty good.  It will be nice to get some races in soon so that I can see where I am at and what adjustments I need to be making. 

On a sadder note, Kate will not be joining us if Ironman this year.  I am hoping she updates us with a post soon and keeps us in the loop for what she'll be doing to rehab her injury and if she's eying IMAZ 2013.  :)

MN Color Run 2012
Here's a picture from the Color Run that I did in Minnesota back in July.  It was a fun atmosphere...but not much of a run.  I'd recommend it if you're not looking to run so much as to hang out with 10,000 people on a race course. 

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