Saturday, August 18, 2012

Annette's update

Wow, where to start?

I did the Cochiti Lake Triathlon back in July. I think that race will go down as the "granny gear" race. : ) I registered for the OLY distance but when my sister, Michelle, and I went to pick up my race packet at the lake, I took one look at the boat ramp hill and said, "awww helllllll noooo!" I swear that hill was CAAAARAAAZZZEEEEEEE steep and lasted at least a mile, and that was coming straight out of the transition area. That meant you had to be in a low hill climbing gear from the get go. Then the route went along the top of the dam, which was very very rough pavement....too much shaking going on.

I'm not a fan of going downhill to begin with, so imagine the scene of going down the killer hill I first climbed. I'm surprised I have any brake left. T2 meant "running" up that stupid hill now.....walk more like

Did I mention that it was hot too? I was just very relieved when I finished and was able to join the kids for a cooling dip in the lake.'s the Ironman training coming along you ask? I look over at that counter and see it's just about 90 days away...I'm F R E A K I N G O U T!!!!!!!!!! Now with Kate out of the race, that just adds to my anxiety. We don't typically race at the same pace, but there was always a comfort knowing that my compadre was out on the route too. So, I'm leaning on all my other Ironmoms.

It's been so blazing hot here this summer that I have yet to get a 70 mile ride in, and that's got me concerned. I figured I'd get to a century ride at 60 days out, which is in 30 days. I also thought I'd be running a lot longer by now too. I really really really REALLY hope that it cools down sometime soon. I've got a work related trip coming up to "home" in Montana, so I'm planning on getting some longer runs in while I'm there. It'd be great to rent a bike and get a longer ride in too, but it is a work-related trip after all. : )

Hmmmmm....I could squeeze in a round of Insanity, and still have time to taper. Think I'll order this week. The other thing that's frustrating is that I haven't really lost any weight! arrrrgh. I'm not really surprised though. Kim found an article early on that you can't train and lose weight at the same time.....gotta choose one or the other. : /

I'm probably not going to do an official Half Ironman, but I will do the distances.

My morning shake has evolved into a veggie laced vegan Shakeology - kale, spinach base, scoop or packet of vegan Shakeology, 1 tsp chia seeds, frozen fruit (either mango, pineapple, blueberry, or strawberries), and coconut water. I've also cut back on meat, and increased more of a plant powered eating plan. Mung beans and lentils over quinoa or brown rice with creole seasoning is tasty! Tried tempeh...still need to experiment. My new fav sandwiches are avocado veganaise on sprouted wheat bread. YUMMMMMMERS!

I need to relax. serenity now......serenity now....serenity now........


  1. Hi Annette..don't freak out. You still have time. Concentrate on the biking. Just make sure you get at least one long ride in each weekend and keep increasing the mileage. As for the what you can. But if you can't run then walk the extra mileage. Your legs just need to get used to the distance. Just my two cents. Hope everything comes together!!

  2. Great advice from Fat Boy! I am getting a little freaked too, but I think we can do it together. We'll keeping getting that long ride in and work on having a solid bike for the race. My goal is to do the Tour de Scottsdale and feel good for it. I think if I can do that 70ish mile ride with confidence (it's hilly!), then I will feel much better about the 112. We can do it!