Thursday, July 26, 2012

MRI and blood work

I went for a walk on Sunday to see how i would feel.  It was leisurely and short.  When I got home a half hour later my hip and thigh hurt.  My husband forced me to make another doctor's appointment. 

I went to the doctor on Monday and he said he can't tell what's up with my back.  It could be arthitis, a deteroriating disc, or a pinched nerve.  He recommends waiting for the MRI results so we can treat the problem.  Since I'm still feeling a dull pain in my lower back and pain in my right thigh he doesn't want me to irritate if further. UGH.  Frustrating. 

The good thing is that not only are we looking at my back but we are also doing test to see why I can't lose weight.  (B/c Weight causes more pressure on my spine!)  I'm not a big eater and I exercise but I can't get below a certain threshold.  He is testing my insulin levels and my my hormones. 

MRI and Bloodwork are done.  Now just the waiting game.  Wish me luck! 


  1. UGH!!!! Not good news at all. Praying it all comes out as treatable for IMAZ!

  2. Ditto Annette and Kristin!!!

  3. Kate! No! You gotta be well. Prayers for you that the back is a non issue and you will be better than ever with a little hormone/insulin adjustment! I am looking forward to jumping into TTL with you! Keep us updated when you know.