Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Utah Valley Marathon

Too often, I find myself on race day asking myself why i didn't follow my training plan better.  This was no different.  Unfortunately I didn't get in any of the 5 20 milers that my training schedule planned for me to run.  The longest run I had was 15.5 miles, and had just about stopped all together doing the track work outs once it started to get warm.
So I changed my goals.  I let the dream of qualifying for Boston fly out the window fast, and changed it to a realistic time of under 4:00.

So race day, I was not too sure how I'd do at the elevation (it started at 6,000 ft), and a storm was blowing in that day.  So while we didn't get the clouds or rain, we definitely had the winds.  Strong head winds the whole time!!

But I ran hard.  I've never run a marathon this hard before.  I HAD to get in under 4:00.
  1. 8:37
  2. 8:21
  3. 8:27
  4. 8:35
  5. 8:29
  6. 8:46
  7. 8:40
  8. 9:26 started climbing the first big hill - I for sure felt the elevation here!
  9. 9:33
  10. 8:50
  11. 9:00
  12. 9:32
  13. 9:26  I check my watch and see that I have 2:03 to finish under 4:00.  I can do this!
  14. 9:26
  15. 9:05
  16. 9:27
  17. 9:48  crud, I better speed up!
  18. 9:28
  19. 9:17
  20. 9:47  I check my watch, I have exactly 60 minutes to run a 10k, no prob.  This is happening!!
  21. 9:16  I'm finally out of the canyon and get to see my family cheering me on!  This was a boost I needed a long time ago.  Drake ran with me for a little bit.  
  22. 9:24
  23. 9:23  Check my watch.  30 minutes to do 3.2.  Crud, I need to keep my pace at 9:15 until the end and it's getting hot and hard!
  24. 9:59  I was feeling the throw up burps.  I had to stop for 10 seconds and get my breathing right again.  Oh no!  That's time I'll have to make up!
  25. 9:36  I kept telling myself I can pour it on, do it, you can run fast!  And then I'd slow back down again.  
  26. 9:33  I passed the 26th mile at 3:59:48.  .2 miles to go.  
  27. 2:18  I finished at 4:02:06.  I didn't make my goal :( but still PR'd!  :)  

It was bittersweet, and I'll blame it on the headwinds.  I need some excuse, right?
 I've never been so sore after a marathon.

And now I'm tired of running and really need to get to work on my bike and swim!
I've kind of forgotten that I'm supposed to be training for an IRONMAN!!!

But when we got home from Utah, this was in the mail:
What a surprise!
And I sure hope there were more than 2 females doing the 28 mile event.
But I'll take it!


  1. You are amazing!! Congratulations on that run--with the elevation and the wind I think that 4:02 is awesome. And, fantastic work on the Tour de Mesa! You are going to kill the Ironman. :)

  2. that is an awesome time!! but i know how frustrating it is to not meet your goal. :/ next time for sure! i can't believe you busted that out with 15.5 miles as your longest run. you are amazing! congrats!!!

  3. Kristin that is awesome! Congrats on that great time. For what it's worth I thought it was a very hard course, the altitude and the sneaky uphills. I wanted to PR and was off by 9 minutes, so congrats on the PR you earned it!