Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my tri bike!!

I've met some ladies who live close to me to train with!  One of them is also doing IMAZ this year, and the other is just an incredibly fit, incredibly good friend who likes waking up at 4:30 to go on rides with us.  
They have been my saving grace!

We've done many rides, and seen some gorgeous sunrises.
 I'm beginning to feel more confident in my biking abilities.
So why not mix it up by switching bikes?

My new baby, my Specialized Shiv.
Now all I want to do is ride my bike.
11 weeks to go.
Man, I've got to get some century rides in!

But that won't happen this weekend.  Saturday I'm doing a Sprint, it should be fun!


  1. Well you did the first thing correctly!! The helmet and bike must match..good job!

  2. Love the bike! Awesome that you've found some training buddies. :)